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  1. @Pwningcows I love this scripts and have used it forwhile but its still broken as of now. I spam clicks the mob repeatedly even after you are already fighting it.
  2. Hey guys, I'm not VIP E so that might be the problem but im not sure. If it is i'll upgrade. When I start up tribot it says this: [15:42:00] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. Is this because im not VIP E? If so, will Human Mouse antiban automatically activate when I become VIP E or do I have to change a setting in the launcher?
  3. @Adventure_Time Damn that's impressive. I assume that entire computer(s) was solely dedicated to running runescape. I was just keeping it low because I play other games while botting since I only own one computer, haha.
  4. @YoHoJo doesn't 1.5 bil - $1500 equate to $1 per 1 mil?
  5. Lets say I botted with 10+ accounts making around 5 mil per hour. If I run them for 10 hours a day that 50 mil a day equaling around 1.5 bil per month. Will a gold selling website realistically buy 1.5 bil from me for $1500? Or do rs gold selling/buying websites have a limit? I'm fairly confident I could manage this, but I don't want to invest the money if a website wont even buy that amount of gold on a regular basis haha. Also, if i'm just a noob and 1.5 bil is nothing. What do you guys think would be the maximum amount of gold a website would buy?
  6. It conflicts with other scripts if you have multiple accounts open at one time. It was registering enemies in the area that are actually there on another account. So I was registering green dragons when I was actually in a cow pasture. It also spam clicks the target even if you are already attacking it. My thinking is it has something to do with when you hit 0's. It works pretty well for a free script though.
  7. @AlmightyUrf None of my other mining bots have been banned using a different script, and i have 3 lvl 70-80 wc bots that are currently running which have not been banned either. Perhaps I just got unlucky, but I still feel as though it was this script in specific that was responsible for such a quick ban. I had not previously run any other scripts on that account. If anyone else is interested in using this script I would recommend doing it on a suicide account before you make your decision.
  8. @AlmightyUrf I really have a hard time believing that
  9. I used it for 2 hours with breaks and got banned. I had 30 strength and 15 quest points along with non default look. Still banned in 2 hours using breaks. Wouldn't recommend.
  10. I dont know why you people even reply if you're not going to help. I already know im a noob, sorry i'm not at the same RUNESCAPE expertise level as you. Whats the point of having a community if nobody helps one another. I'm not asking for your secret strategy to making gold. Im just asking which skills are most profitable and what script is good for said skill. Theres a bunch of scripts on here and half of them are bad.
  11. Chances are everyone else knows your "methods" as well. There's a limited amount of ways to make gold, trust me, your not the only one. Just because im a noob and dont know about it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. Unless you wrote a new script that's never been made before and you are using it to make gold; than there's also hundreds of other people doing the same thing you are.
  12. Hey guys I just started botting on runescape 07 and I was wondering what the best botting method is for making gold? Currently i've been doing woodcutting using 'FC woodcut' and i've managed 72 wc so far using 10 minute breaks every hour. But I want to know which skill/script is it that makes the most gold? Mining? Woodcut? Maybe some sort of combat script? Right now im chopping yew and im making around 60k per hour but I feel like there's probably more profitable methods out there. Would anyone mind bestowing me some of their knowledge? I also just purchased member using a bond so I have member skills as well.
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