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  1. Fast service, kind and fast great prices.
  2. not sure was a while ago and i dldnt do lt 24/7 l powermlned lron ores
  3. i alrdy botted 85 minnig i have 93 atm and l jus wanna make gp wlth lt
  4. Yo. so l need a runite miner script which mines rune ores at rune rocks in deep wilderness and quick hops away from pkers/and hops to mine the rune ore also need lt to support banking. dont see any good mining scripts that do wildy. So would be good lf u got one. l can pay lf lts a prlvate script or lf anyone can reccomend me to one would be great. NOT SURE IF TIS WORTH BUYING THE 12$ AMINER TO BOT AT NEITZNOT BUT THERE SEEMS TO BE ONLY 1 ORE AND PEOPLE SAY ITS JAMPACKED WITH MINERS??
  5. si this bot good for neitz rune ore or ls lt high ban rate?
  6. How many would you like to buy:5 Skype:pkproownage Do you agree to the ToS:yes
  7. selling any credits? damit i need some fast
  8. How many credits are you buying:10Have you added me on skype?:yhAre you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
  9. add my skype - pkproownage if that dont work its pkpro killer. buy them off u
  10. How many:4 When do you need:NOW Total Price:4m
  11. still selling credits? i need 4
  12. i have a lvl 20 with 92 mining and i rlly want it to mine runite at wildy with glory or axe hut would be wicked if u can do that. i cant get into neitz or heros When i do it at wildy it keeps running back and forth to obelisks and i dont have 40 attack so i cant wield rune pickaxe so it keeps trying to wield it
  13. This script has too many locations and bugs/errors coming up as people are posting them here. You should focus on splitting the scripts into 2 different things. Keep runite miner wildy,hero,neitz different script. and keep the rest of locations all in one. prob easier to deal with?
  14. Is this script good i have a lvl 20ish runite miner and i want to use this bot to bot rune rocks is it good money making?
  15. Does it mine runite in the wildy and does it bank? or does anyone know a good script for wildy runite