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  1. do you use looking glass with it? That may be the problem. The settings are pretty straight forward so has to be LG.
  2. cant use the dhorak method atm? when i tried to start it told me to switch to normal, so i did and it put everything in bank and entered nmz with nothing in bag
  3. Thanks for the updates and the compensation. I finished some quest this weekend. I hate quest >.>
  4. Some mouse clicks. My arm hurts now :/ Xmouse_data-294101-1469715197303.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469716186224.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469724721206.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469725479665.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469726591175.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469728543558.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469729876825.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469733985996.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469736331747.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469737172933.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469741398969.dat Xmouse_data-294101-1469813550504.dat