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  1. Request: Keg balancing minigameDescription: Complete the keg balancing minigame, using energy potions to restore energy and cakes to healPayment Amount: $100-$200+Time: Preferably as soon as possible.Additional: Feel free to PM me or response here directly. Can connect with you on discord if you think you're up for a project like this.
  2. Hey, I have been testing your script at caged ogres and I ran into an issue with using tele grab to get the item. Every time a seed drops, the script will select tele grab but then hover over the item. It appears to try and click, but when it does it just keeps repeating the action. I also found it stuck on the filters pane just now. Are you able to take a look?
  3. Considering that this issue has persisted, and because it doesn't seem to be a priority for you to resolve, can you please refund me the cost of the script? Thanks.
  4. I am also having this issue. Tribot firewall is disabled.
  5. Thanks for the prompt response. My apologies for not checking more thoroughly prior to posting.
  6. Great script so far. Would recommend a change to the camera-angling when curse-alching. I think it would be more human-like if the camera is positioned so that the inventory is closer to the NPC being attacked. Right now, the camera angle will change causing the distance between clicks to increase drastically.
  7. Just purchased the script, but am running into issues with the client freezing once the script is initiated. I am on a Mac - not sure if that is related. Unfortunately, I am unable to pull any kind of logs given that my client closes out after a few minutes of trying to start the script.
  8. ohhhhh, thanks for the more accurate rating.
  9. Experiencing issues after the tribot update. Restarted the client twice. Isn't speaking to the guy or withdrawing overloads/absorptions. When inside, it doesn't use either of them and dies.
  10. When smithing, if a random event pops up just as the interface to select the item to make opens then the script will repeatedly try to right-click the NPC through it.
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