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  1. Thanks guys, very helpful answers.
  2. I want to buy a script and it says i need to buy credits. It tells me to enter purchase amount, so is that how many credits I want to buy or how many dollars I want to put on my account? If that's how many credits I want to put on, how much is one credit worth? Also is there no paypal option? Thanks, sorry - a lot of questions I know. Just a little confused. Help and Guidance sections didn't seem to have the relevant topics.
  3. Yo, how do I set it so that the bot eats at x hp, because at the moment he's eating with too much health left and I'm burning through food. Thanks
  4. Hi, pretty much the title. Just clicked download and extracted the files to my desktop. I've got folders for META-INF, obf, org and resources. Drilled into each of them and cannot see any way for me to run the client. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!