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  1. ill do for you , 3m total and im using some of that on the account for supplies , im available tommorow
  2. nice work , but not something id pay that much money for , these previous works i saw dont look that good , you just use basic layouts , nothing unique , maybe if you made designs more unique , to you , then maybe id think about buying some gfx , but for that standard and price , i wouldnt pay for this ,
  3. Open for questing - Add my skype! - csweetloveSythe
  4. Csweetlove's Questing Service Do you get fed up , grinding quests and getting no fun out of it? Use my questing service and ill complete them for you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi there , my name is callum sweetlove and i am looking for a job placement somewhere in the runescape market , but while im waiting , i might aswell gain some vouches by doing some quests for people ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IM ONLY DOING SMALL QUESTS BECAUSE IM NOT TRUSTED FOR LONG ONES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Message me on skype for quest prices and i can work out a cheap deal for your request and get it done fast and efficently ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ T.O.S1.You may not log onto the account after the service starts 2.You must go first , otherwise we can use a middleman 3. I have the right to refund the order if i havent started due to reasoning 4. You must change account password after service is complete 5. You must supply the items needed for the quest, only quest items should be banked 6. You must remove any valuble items from the account before service starts 7.You must pm me for confirmation before service is negotiated ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Add My Skype CsweetloveSythe__________________