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  1. So I am selling 5 credits for 950k/ea! I can go first if you have +15 feedbacks! -Wuji
  2. This kinda sucks that you didn't have even trial option. I tried to set up it like one or two hours and it didn't work the way I wanted it to work. I can take a video of script running and you'll see how it tries to open prison doors when I just want to use magic. Money is not problem for me and it's fine if you won't refund though it feels bad when you pay something that doesn't work. Asking for refund was just question of principle. edit: I just tried it again. It just runs out of prison? You really think that I don't deserve refund? Just try yourself at port sarim's prison. Using earth strike.
  3. Hi! I'd like to refund. This script doesn't train magic the way I want to. Either it won't open or it tries to open the lock. I am trying to train magic at port sarim prison. I found better script so I'd like to refund. I just bought this. -Wujii
  4. Hi, I need help with my ranged account staker. Currently the stats are: Attack 40 Strength 54 Defence 1 Ranged 62 Hitpoints 60 Magic 1 Prayer 1 Combat level 45 My plan is to get ranged 69 so I can hit 11s with rune knives. When I get ranged 69 and strength 63 my hitpoints will be ~69 and my combat would be then 50. Does this sound good? Is rune knife the best ranging gear for staking or should I get crossbow? Is there any other ranging builds? Currently my record is 30 won and 10 lost at duel arena. But it is very hard to find opponent at my combat level (currently 45) so that's why I am getting ranged 69.
  5. Hi! For some reason when I start this script It downloads the free version of the script. It was working perfectly for two days but now I have this problem.. Any idea how I can fix this? edit. I've tried to deactive and active it in script repository and yet it still gives the free version of the script. It was working a few hours ago just fine. edit. Oh you edited your post and I understand why it gives a free version of the script! -Wuji
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