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  1. selling 5 credits. 5.3mill. can negotiate. skype me - mouzzaa627
  2. how do you know that, where does it say lol
  3. i pm'd you. please answer
  4. are you talking about my account or yours? btw i pm'd u
  5. when will the banned be lifted? is it just one day?
  6. i got banned for botting when i was just auto clicking in nmz on osbuddy client . Anyways am i banned for a whole year or a day, because theyre not allowing me to submit an appeal when it clearly says to submit one.
  7. Hey can you add option for the "barrier builder" to get 10 logs from bank. Because i noticed i get two tickets per two games because it takes a while looking for log to cut. If we can get 10 logs or even 20 at a time from bank after everygame it would he perfect! Thank you