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  1. I am looking to write a script for a new ironman account I am creating. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or requests on what they would like to see as far as an iron man accounts goes.
  2. Would anyone please share a snippet of how I can return the amount of gold coins in a stack of gold? More specifically from an open bank screen? Thank you.
  3. I believe that eating is currently bugged. It will continuously attempt to eat food from the special attack screen. Also, is it possible to make it so it will loot runes and other stackable items that value over x gold? Instead of a single item's value.
  4. I believe I tried this but end up with the same IP on both tabs of the Runetime Information.
  5. So I would have to run two separate Tribot windows in order to use two different proxies on two accounts?
  6. I was going to buy until I tried the trial and realized that the glory teleportation method is flawed. Every few abyss runs (while doing earth runes) will teleport you to karajama. Any way to fix this? It always seems to happen when your glory has 0 more charges
  7. I tried the trial and it was only withdrawing 5 dragon bones at a time and running fine. I bought the script (thinking it was a trial limitation) and it still only withdraws 5 dragon bones at a time.
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