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Trade With Caution
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  1. 10m each for just nmz account if you would like base 70/70/70 on it, 50m ea.
  2. If you wanted to look cool I guess it would cool to have.
  3. Bumpy, Back and doing services again..
  4. I am here, if you want mate. I know the "Trade with Caution" might deter you, but that is only because a previous partner which I trusted with over 10b 07 in multiple different trades, scammed for 250m 07...??? Go figure that one.. The victim ended up scamming him self, so I am unable to refund the person since he is banned as well.. So until I am able to refund the person who got scammed, the "Trade with Caution" will stay in place.
  5. I can do this for and my team can also do this for you. MNO Services!
  6. I have replied to your message, please read this.
  7. Mate that is pretty impressive of doing 250 a day. At the moment I'm on some sort of the same grind, doing push ups every 10 minutes.. Do you use a bar in the middle of your door for pull ups?
  8. This is the best guide for you mate: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+set+up+VPN
  9. This has brighten my day up, GG son, you have been downloading those Membership Generators off youtube, right? They are pretty good aren't they...
  10. If you have plenty of time and are willing to learn, willing to take a loss at the start, and be able to grind on something for a long time, then the stock market is the way to go mate. My mate is a floor cleaner, only because he wants something else to do when waiting for the stock market to open. He makes anywhere from $500-$1000 a day..
  11. I have never used any Proxy's or VPN's to create accounts, My accounts never **TOUCHWOOD** get banned, It all comes down to how you bot, when you bot and what you bot.
  12. Not to be rude or anything mate, but I don't see why people don't understand that botting is botting. You are going to be banned. It doesnt matter what the script is or who wrote it, YOU ARE GOING TO GET BANNED!
  13. If they are dumber enough to come here and blame TriBot for getting hacked, I don't see why not we can't roast them. Most of the time, when the community is nice to em, they continue to blame everyone else except for what they have done.. I don't see why you care mate..
  14. Send me your skype and I will give you hand mate.
  15. Sure send me a message with your skype and ill get you hooked up mate.