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  1. Haven't used in a while. How's script running/recommendation when to move accounts to here? 70/70/70?
  2. Yep. What are your settings? Trying to figure out what it could be
  3. Two fangs in 3 hours. Pretty lucky. Script is running a bit better, but stops randomly for me after 3 hours.
  4. Not sure why but script runs well for like an 1-2 hours for me, then random just stops and just sits there. Then 8 minute loggout happens and script stops. Just logs at Cwars bank. There are enough supplies, so confused. Maybe something to do with my PoH house, not sure.
  5. HarvieMG

    perm ban

    I understand that, but quests definitely will help reduce ban-rate. IMO if you want to avoid bans in the short-term, you must play or appear to do something on the account sometimes. Maybe just sit at G.E and talk for a couple mins, or hire a questing service to do some.
  6. HarvieMG

    perm ban

    Haven't used looking glass in a while, but that should definitely help reduce the chance. Just don't bot 24/7 and no super fresh accounts.
  7. HarvieMG

    perm ban

    It depends. Got a day-two ban on one account and perm ban on another botting the exact same-thing. Luck of the draw tbh lol
  8. Few quick proggies. Script does its job and does it well. 50M to 1B this weekend on a few trial runs on a couple accounts. Obvious some luck, but the script takes out the human element of rage staking. Highly recommended to those who want to succeed in the long-run.
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