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  1. Please make it drop the cheapest item and pick up visage if it has a full inventory of loot.
  2. They changed looting bag.. dont use it right now. lol
  3. Why does it keep telling me my password is invalid to my account manager? Yes I have more than 1 client open(I hate using the same client for multiple bots). Yes I'm typing it correctly. works 1 minute, doesn't the next, so strange. edit: Ok I think I figured it out: If you press enter it will tell you invalid password no matter what. You have to actually click OK instead. edit2: not working again..
  4. Also USA, please make it able to detect and close the poll booth window, It misclicked on it and stood there for an hour clicking the same spot. TY Edit: Now is getting stuck on the Click here to play screen about 30% of the time, and It's getting stuck depositing loot from the looting bag over and over. DO NOT USE LOOTING BAG! Edit2: When in combat with another player, if possible make it try to run to edge like its banking and tele out at lvl 30, I've caught my bot getting pked and saved it many times by doing this. edit3: it gets stuck on 'click here to play' only when there is someone in corp cave right when you log in, so it immediately tries to log out again, but it cant because it hasnt clicked 'click here to play' yet, hope that clears it up a bit.
  5. Yo USA, I thought of something cool if you feel like implementing it. Instead of hovering over logout, you could have it pre-determine the next world it wants to hop to, then have it hover over it in the quick-hop menu, saving the time of selecting a world and logging in again.
  6. would buy this now, 100%. Great job USA. Only thing I've noticed that is inconvenient is that if a new account gets a looting bag for the first time it can't use it because there is a dialog box that pops up and you have to say I understand or whatever. No biggie though to do that once on each account.
  7. .

    OSbot is the only one. I searched their forums for similar circumstances, but found nothing.
  8. .

    I havent used either of those in years, I have used OSbot, but 3/4 of the accounts haven't been related to osbot in any way
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  10. Have you pushed this to the live script?
  11. script ends instantly, I have all required items in bank and am at Cwars. heres debug http://imgur.com/HsZ3mDd. Edit: Works if you start inside your house:), nice script.
  12. Oh, I saw a few people using trident so i assumed it was supported.
  13. anybody using trident? im scared to use it because it accidentally skulls sometimes