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  1. has something with the script changed? I feel like the script is hovering over fishing spots a lot more, and barely ever moving mouse off screen?
  2. What does the bot do if you don't have humidify? Looking to try this out, will it just bank and get more waterskins
  3. would it be possible to add TzHaar thieving? Currently using aThiever over this because it doesn't let me select NPCs. EDIT: saw that another user also asked for this and you said there isn't enough demand for it - don't you think, as a premium script it shouldn't be about demand? but enriching the amount of methods available in your script? at the moment aThiever is actually better than this..
  4. I would also love to use this, can't be too hard to implement I guess
  5. Did todays update break the break handler?
  6. Agility has a high ban rate, but regarding this script personally I've tried v2 and v3 and I think both are still very bot like, the dragging of the mouse after finishing seers course just made me turn the bot off.
  7. I've downloaded osbuddy cross platform and when i change it from .zip to .jar it doesn't change anything, i've reinstalled java and the jdk nothing is working, any tips?
  8. Tweaked around with the settings a bit, and I've sort of corrected a few of the annoying things. I got your PM I understand that TriBot handles the movement etc, I'll see how this goes for a bit and report back here if I find anything thanks for the quick reply however I've had nothing but stability from your scripts
  9. The bot is clicking in the same spot a lot atm in seers village, also the xp rates are really low like 28k p/hr at seers, barely rotates the camera even when changing the settings to making it priority
  10. thanks a lot made my life soooo much easier
  11. Tribot randomly stops the scripts and when I try run the script again I have no scripts causing me to have to restart the client, it's happened like 4-5 times tonight? server issues?
  12. any chance you could make the settings tab re sizeable having some issues on bigger size monitor selecting certain settings
  13. I botted a max main in RS2 and 120 dungeoneering, with an old school script which was made by a guy called kiko came back and the ban rates are fucking insane on this, maybe because of lower player population, so there system is easier to find anomalies I think Jagex have to be doing something dodgy personally to be able to ban users like they are doing.. People getting permed as soon as they get on tut island, it was unheard of to use a VPN for botting back in the day and now it's pretty much a must, the insane thing was back when I played in 2011/2012 I suicide botted the fuck out of main everyday 10-14 hours, scripts fucked up spam clicking the bank, never banned the account was finally banned when I returned to OSRS started botting, expecting it to be a breeze and then bam got banned for botting. TL'DR; I personally think jagex is doing some dodgy shit to be banning people how they do, also jacmob joining there team who was a famous scripter few years ago ever since then the games been shit for botting..
  14. 1440p monitor, I thought DPI settings was probably the issue thanks
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