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  1. Someone can help me out how to setup vulnerability/alch? Im putting my primary spell vulnerability and then clicking combo alching: on, but wont do anything. Just click on combat style tab and thats all, i dont know. https://gyazo.com/723ec784de03fc1eedaa83efbc3db665
  2. For me bot keeps dropping like 8 fruits out of 28. This shift clicking aint really working, atleast seems so.
  3. Got magic 90 with stun/alching, only mistake i had was bot started to hover mouse between the inventory and magic tab, not really clicking both of them. Couldnt capture a gif sadly. Oh and only with alching sometimes bot clicked on G.E or bank and couldnt close them. Pretty small mistakes for free script, and these mistakes happened pretty rarely, atleast for me. But i would say script is very good, sometimes doing small brakes, like watching stats etc.
  4. sutekas

    Highest and lowest ban rate scripts?

    Ive had pretty good experience with thieving, you might wanna try out if you want.
  5. sutekas


    You can always PM scripter.
  6. sutekas

    aftermath of 2 day ban

    but you have script so you dont need to autoclick obv
  7. sutekas

    aftermath of 2 day ban

    i would play 2-3hours and just autoclick alching 30min-1h, worked for me.
  8. sutekas

    Scripts wont run at all

    Maybe you can get your answer in script thread @np1694?
  9. sutekas

    question about proxies

    Atleast they give you refunds too, ive been pretty happy with virmach proxies.
  10. sutekas

    accounts all banned within 3-4 days

    I dont know that, but ive had more success with doing some lets say 20/20/20 combat stats or something like that and then went to skilling, and doing some other skills, or training magic like 30? Got thieving 99 like that. Maybe got lucky, idk
  11. Looking people getting banned pretty fast with only alching, but stun/alch seems kinda good, weird
  12. sutekas

    accounts all banned within 3-4 days

    Sadly they giving out perm bans now if you train combat stats, but oh well. it is what it is.
  13. sutekas

    accounts all banned within 3-4 days

    Friday is bad day for me, im getting all the time banned on fridays. idk why But same case with me, trained combat stats and banned like with 4 days.