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  2. dident find this usful is there any ABLC open source scripts
  3. Hi can some one tell me EXACLY how do i add ABCL to my script i know that need generel.ABCL ture excetra example i whant know how do i use randombly rotate camera If (!player.ismoving) ABCL.rotate or somthing???
  4. still leveling slow but surly
  5. i wonder why ppls take this as a joke? try run 60 bots and 40 of them selects tournament server is it fun? NOPE
  6. Don't do this ^ i only found button report
  7. well made 40 more accounts just need to level them up
  8. well made my own some time ago this is old post of my
  9. Fix server select tournament servers
  10. I noticed no one asked did use proxy did use flagged ip did use more then 1 account on proxy ect
  11. 30+ bots got banned
  12. thous who requested https://imgur.com/7pASDww and this is 1/3 bots that im running atm
  13. yes it would i have over cloked it stedy 3.8ghz