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  1. Hi, Just a small feedback. I really liked the service before, I didn't mind giving out an ID to pay with paypal I bought gold 2-3 time on your website and everything went really well, however I'm not very comfortable handing out the new verification paper you are asking for, I'm afraid I'll have to buy somewhere else now. I understand you are doing this to protect yourself from scammers, however it would have been nice that previous customers with a clean records could've skipped this.
  2. My pure is 95% botted and haven't got banned. Combat Maxed out at 50 att 1 prayer, 1 def. I don't what I do different from others but I never got a single ban and I botted 4-5 account for a very long time.
  3. Very nice script. Just did 1-99 ranged on my pure with only a few hiccups using this script. Too bad I never pulled a sick proggie though, I don't bot for more than 3-4 hours a session.
  4. @Tri I encountered an error today, I don't know if it helps you, but here's the error stack. edit Now happened twice same error stack. Happened at 43 minutes in. Options selected : Dwarf cannon only,load when empty, telegrab
  5. When I first started using the script the telegrab glitch was quite rare, but now its pretty much 90% of the time. So often that I simply deactivated the option
  6. At the moment I use only cannon and reload when empty and it works good for me. I used it with blowpipe also with the same reload settings and it worked great.
  7. We are still waiting for an update from Tri for the repair, however you can use it in the meantime but youll have to manually click it every 25 minutes to repair it...
  8. There is a weird bug that occurs with tele grab, it often tries to cast it a second time (might be caused by the lg delay?) and then stay stuck with the spell if we use the cannon only mode. If you could look at that also
  9. 24/7 is plain suicide, you really have to think as how a human would play, what it can and can't do. This is what I do and I've never been banned yet. It is longer, but at the end you won't get banned. Another thing that I suggest is to bot out of Jagex's business hours, that way you lower your chances to get manually banned by a bot bust. Getting VIP-e for looking glass is also a nice touch, that way you are pretty much impossible to detect through some kind of client detection.
  10. I remember you from a now defunct bot website , you can't bot like you were back in the days. Bot detection is much more solid and there is no more crowded places with good xp such as soulwars. You now have to bot intelligently if you don't want to get banned, bot more like a human wouldplay. If you want easy xp with low ban rate the best method is nmz, but you need prayer to be really effective. For pure with low def and no prayer, grinding at places such as rock crabs, ogres, experiments or any other decent places would be the best method... Alching in ge w2 or maybe w18 edgeville bank would be the best places to do so.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for someone to make me a specific training script. Request: - Looking for a script able to do a specific action with inventory management and one path to bank to resupply with some kind of standard anti ban integrated. Description: - I have a video that I can provide to any coder interested, script shouldn't be too complicated ( I think). Payment Amount: - The required amount.. Time: - Not in a rush, but as soon as possible.
  12. mate mind adding edgeville furnace? would would get alot more attention
  13. Does the script support the fremennik slayer dungeon somehow? The webwalking is not able to get to the dungeon (or I didn't figure it out) from camelot bank.
  14. hey tri just wana tell you that your protect melee and steel skin prayers are mixed up, its fine i put smite and it puts the melee protect. just wanted to tell you