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  1. apparently your good after about a week? so I wouldn't worry too much if you have played legit for a while. Or just finish the botting you want and then play legit for couple of weeks then move on to pking / lms.
  2. Well done man, looks like this is coming together. Looking forward to testing cannon support!
  3. Don't stun alch man just steer clear, your asking for a ban with that method. I swear anyone doing that any longer than an hour for real is a madman.
  4. Offer you 4m for 5 Credits if interested PM me.
  5. jpdoesthis


    Like I said not to fussed about the account man, just thought I would let you know / report it back to you. As like I said 2/3 accounts that didn't do AM are fine. Edit - Does seem strange and im pretty sure the items were bought for the same prices on the accounts on definitely some of the quests if not AM.
  6. Whats your process Derik? I've just had a lvl 50-60 Ish CB banned I was getting ready to gold farm on, the only reason I can think they banned the account was due to running animal magnetism. Don't think they would have picked up on previous botting.
  7. jpdoesthis


    Animal magnetism definitely flagged man. I ran the pre-quests for AM on three accounts yesterday. the only one that completed AM has now got a ban. its not the end of the world. other two accounts still going okay just glad I didn't run it on the others as ive built theres 3 accounts up over the past two weeks to do gold farm runs and have babysat/botted them + hand quested all up to that point, so no one would have reported the accounts, (very unlikely) im not mad man just giving you a head up bro! If its possible to randomise the amount of gp your buying the quest items on the G.E that could help? or maybe it was because the quest was finished pretty quickly was definitely like sub 17-16 mins. Also the 3 accounts I have are all under the same proxy. I would like to say the script did work pretty flawlessly. 2/3 times on PIP I had to manually scroll down to locate the ess but then it would crack back on with the quest, other than getting the ban on the one account the scripts worked fine, would definitely advise against using the AM quest right now.
  8. Love to know your process if you could elaborate? doesn't have to be an essay.
  9. Not sure if you will get anyone go for this tbh mate a lot of risk attached to not much reward. What is it your actually after out of interest?
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