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  1. Hi, I purchased the mutes rock crabs and it works fine, however I cant seem to get it to pick up my arrows. it asks for the arrow id, then whenever I type it in, for example if I type in steel arrow, it doesn't detect the type of arrow. I'm not sure if its me doing something wrong but it would be great if I could have some help. thanks!
  2. i purchased mutes rock crab and it works great, it kills the rock crabs and when they stop getting up, it runs away and returns with no problems, however it does not pick up the arrows that I fire when they are on the floor. ive turned looting on, but whenever I click on the re-equip arrows button, it asks me to type in the arrow id but for some reason it doesn't recognize the arrow. I am not sure if it is me doing something wrong but if I could have some help that would be great.