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  1. bignose


    its really slow and has some issues after getting killed can you fix ty
  2. I'm getting similar error. Tried closing all instances, deleting .tribot folder , redownloading TribotStarter.jar and tribot loader, ran once 10.9.14 version and got this error. Only getting this error on Linux, cli is working for me on Windows.
  3. Yeah drinking more pray pots when the tunnel brother is there. Maybe i just need higher pray level tho.
  4. Could you add stopping the script if it account dies? Also being more safe with prayer points if its dharoks tunnel?
  5. Same thing happened to me. It's not the scripts fault. If your thieving is <99 and you're thieving knights at the centre of east ardy(where the cakes are) then people just lure the knight near the fence and just kill all bots. Also if you're thieving at castle with <99 then when bot runs to north bank it might also get killed.
  6. Would like to see the potions combining thing updated, just saw it combine a antivenom+(2) into 4, when during 1 trip it uses max 2 doses, and leaving magic potion(1) in inv when normally it uses 2 doses of it per trip. Even better would be if we could choose to disable the potions combining, would add up to 1 kill per hour? thanks
  7. bignose

    NMZ Money

    thanks for free 2day ban :\
  8. This "bug" is not worth an extension i think, since it makes good profit still. But yeah it would be nice if we would get an compensation for the last osbuddy problem by the end of the month :\
  9. I was using void before, but i noticed that this setup is better. These are my settings, you could try using blowpipe and serp helm for faster kills, but i think they decrease your profits, also you could use book of darkness (becouse this shield gives negative range bonus i think) and infinity boots (not maxed acc)
  10. That luck, onyx and magic fang drops so far The profit ain't so high because of breaks + the fang added up as 500k instead 2m or so : )
  11. @kenny427 If you're using lg client, then switch to normal one. The prayer delays on jad wave happens to me only when i get lagg spikes
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