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  1. Same thing happened to me. It's not the scripts fault. If your thieving is <99 and you're thieving knights at the centre of east ardy(where the cakes are) then people just lure the knight near the fence and just kill all bots. Also if you're thieving at castle with <99 then when bot runs to north bank it might also get killed.
  2. Would like to see the potions combining thing updated, just saw it combine a antivenom+(2) into 4, when during 1 trip it uses max 2 doses, and leaving magic potion(1) in inv when normally it uses 2 doses of it per trip. Even better would be if we could choose to disable the potions combining, would add up to 1 kill per hour? thanks
  3. bignose

    NMZ Money

    thanks for free 2day ban :\
  4. This "bug" is not worth an extension i think, since it makes good profit still. But yeah it would be nice if we would get an compensation for the last osbuddy problem by the end of the month :\
  5. I was using void before, but i noticed that this setup is better. These are my settings, you could try using blowpipe and serp helm for faster kills, but i think they decrease your profits, also you could use book of darkness (becouse this shield gives negative range bonus i think) and infinity boots (not maxed acc)
  6. That luck, onyx and magic fang drops so far The profit ain't so high because of breaks + the fang added up as 500k instead 2m or so : )
  7. @kenny427 If you're using lg client, then switch to normal one. The prayer delays on jad wave happens to me only when i get lagg spikes
  8. Like 30mins ago rsbuddy was down i think, so it couldn't load items. Now it's up, when i start the script it says "Loading null for first time" but it seems it's working good anyway - just the profits etc. numbers are messed up
  9. Ouch the new update made zulrah scales drop down to 80~gp this will make every zulrah kill 16k less profitable or so dang
  10. well my account with 40m stack didin't get hit. also i run it 24\7 for 2-4days with very small breaks. Also nice thread spam @RS Dealer
  11. Script is running great, just few times I've noticed that after one mage phase on west side, it gets another mage phase ,in the middle, right after it(so it's 2 mage phases in a row,) I've noticed that other times it's usually a melee phase so the script ignores it and acts as fighting versus melee phase, however this phase happens very rarely. Other than that atm I'm at 42kills 4 deaths, also 3 rare drops in 2days! Just gor another onyx so make it 4
  12. Hello, i've been running this script for 26 hours: And i've noticed this problem that sometimes happens, the has been buying 1 item for the right price for around 14 hours, but then i saw this: So yeah the script tried to sell this item for 40% more for 4hours Any idea why this happend? After those 4-5hours the script switched to normal price, but now as i came back i noticed that the same item is trying to be bought for like 40% less also i have noticed that it doesn't buy some items, even if they got only 1 id on the list. The script is working great just those few problems
  13. Heres my from few days ago, been running for 16hrs with breaks, quite a lot of deaths because my defence isn't even 80. This script is doing great : )
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