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  1. This is my homework assignment that is due tomorrow morning. Can someone that understands this assignment please give me an example of what my first few lines of code should look like? I am really lost, and have no one to help me. All help is appreciated, thank's!
  2. Yes, just looking to find the average. New to coding, 2nd week in college
  3. It very well could be. We just learned about the mod today in class, then he gave us this assignment so I assumed the calculation of the GPA would use the mod. The way to calculate GPA in the US is: Points / Units = GPA
  4. I should have made it clear, the professor told us not to worry about units.
  5. @sphinx Pseudocode, and I don't know how to test it myself.
  6. I was assigned to write a program that calculates the GPA of 5 classes. Have I made any errors? Would it run successfully? Want your guys input before I submit this. // Program Greeting prompt "Calculate your GPA of five classes." prompt "The only acceptable answers are A, B, C, D, F." // Input prompt "Enter grade 1" into G1 prompt "Enter grade 2" into G2 prompt "Enter grade 3" into G3 prompt "Enter grade 4" into G4 prompt "Enter grade 5" into G5 // Process A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0 GPA=(G1+G2+G3+G4+G5) % 5 // Output display GPA
  7. ignore that didnt get any firewall prompts, im pretty sure the first time i ran the script i set it to always allow so
  8. Why is this happening? It shows that im making negative profit. Just started happening
  9. had no idea VIP-E was required for LG. I bought VIP-E then started using it so i assumed everyone could use it. Mine ran out mid bot-session then.
  10. Title says all. Been using my bot all day with LG. Exited out my LG client, then attempted to reload another LG client. No option to select "LG"
  11. Script is not popping up? Was running it last night. Took a break overnight. Woke up, and the script is gone. Edit: The script is not showing up because my auth is expired. Anyone else that encounters this problem, renew your subscription!
  12. @Worthy Before you added the ABCL modifier I noticed my bot rarely died The reason of my deaths may be my ABCL modifier settings What do you recommend we put our setting on? (I have fiddled with mine and can't seem to get it right. Others may be encountering this issue aswell)
  13. @godspower33 I couldn't help but notice your signature says your GDK only made 175m in 34 days? Cant tell if thats a troll. But I made 170m in 4 days Feelsbadman
  14. How am i bashing anyone? All i said was he should get banned for spamming. You troll every single post/reply/comment/thread/message I make. There is something so wrong with you lol