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  1. @Liam. sells proxies think it was at $2.30 each.
  2. Summer 2016 as far as i know. Im currently watching Arrow back from season 1 to 4 .
  3. Loved it, can't wait for season 2! Prepare to get confused.
  4. Happy Birthday! @erickho123
  5. Runescape update stopped the progress but oh well, here is a 100 hour:
  6. There must be more people listening to Hardstyle on this forum, especially the Dutchies.
  7. My guess is, your breaks are overlapping. You have a break set at 27 minutes for 1h 40m and one at 47minutes for 45min. All your breaks are close to eachother, spread the times with a larger randomization on repeat.
  8. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Motherlode_Mine In that post are the estimates per hour from level 30 to 99. The estimates are from 2014 though but that gives u some info.
  9. Yep, i mean your buying limits, if you don't have the right limits it will keep offers up in the GE even though u have already hit the limit, which will result in a lower GP/H because that cash will just be sitting there.
  10. I think most people have full AI Controls set. To get a better GP/H play around with your item list and use the correct item limits.
  11. Expect that to happen with EVERY script your going to use unless you find a method that has no script publicly available, in which case your going to need to find a private scripter to make a script for you (which will probably cost you alot).But even those heavily botted spots are profitable if you just build everything from the ground up instead of throwing money at it. Its all about getting the experience and getting better at it.