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  1. @Liam. sells proxies think it was at $2.30 each.
  2. solox


    Summer 2016 as far as i know. Im currently watching Arrow back from season 1 to 4 .
  3. solox


    Loved it, can't wait for season 2! Prepare to get confused.
  4. solox

    Happy Birthday Erick

    Happy Birthday! @erickho123
  5. Runescape update stopped the progress but oh well, here is a 100 hour:
  6. There must be more people listening to Hardstyle on this forum, especially the Dutchies.
  7. My guess is, your breaks are overlapping. You have a break set at 27 minutes for 1h 40m and one at 47minutes for 45min. All your breaks are close to eachother, spread the times with a larger randomization on repeat.
  8. Someone in a other topic about this said this aswell but look at the timestamps... Also why are u talking about 200mil in the tribot PM if your selling 40mil? And also, if you got scammed... why did u wait 2 days before posting this?
  9. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Motherlode_Mine In that post are the estimates per hour from level 30 to 99. The estimates are from 2014 though but that gives u some info.
  10. Yep, i mean your buying limits, if you don't have the right limits it will keep offers up in the GE even though u have already hit the limit, which will result in a lower GP/H because that cash will just be sitting there.
  11. I think most people have full AI Controls set. To get a better GP/H play around with your item list and use the correct item limits.
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