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  1. You can't sell them unless you have 100 posts and have been a member for 61 days.
  2. Unless you use some sort of API for getting prices, then there isn't really a good way. You technically could statically code the prices as they are at the moment, but that is really bad coding practice and realistically should only ever be used for testing to make sure your math is correct. If you cannot implement some sort of price fetching API then I would not try to calculate prices for now.
  3. You may also want to consider using filters instead of a hardcoded array like that. It will work like that, but it would be easier to detect with filters. An example of a filter that would work in this case is : Banking.find(Filters.Items.nameContains("Prayer potion"));Then you don't have to worry about the doses.
  4. I have updated the post to include some examples. There are definitely at least a few tutorials on proper sleeping if you need further examples. The main thing you will need to learn next is how to use Conditions in combination with Timing.waitCondition. That is honestly the right way to sleep in your scripts. You could also look into the timing and condition classes in the API docs. If you still need help just let me know what specific portion you are having issues with, or maybe include the code that isn't working.
  5. What you are looking for is Timing.waitCondition. I will provide a few examples in just a second. Condition herbs_in_inventory = new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { // always use a small sleep to avoid eating all of the cpu General.sleep(100); // since this will run until either it times out (second param we pass) or this returns true then lets make sure we have herbs in the inventory before allowing it to continue return Inventory.getCount("Herb name") == 14; }};if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) { if (Banking.withdraw(14, "Herb name") { // this is what makes it wait. We give it the condition defined above as the condition to execute either until it returns true, or until the timeout is reached (second param, we give it a random timeout between 3.5 seconds and 6 seconds. If sucessful it should be faster than that and break as soon as the items are in the inventory. Timing.waitCondition(herbs_in_inventory, General.random(3500, 6000); }}This can be re-used for withdrawing just about anything. You could probably even make a more dynamic condition that could be used as well as a dynamic function. You definitely don't need to worry about those things if you don't want to yet though, I always just try to get it working first. Now, you would want to use wait conditions for waiting until all herbs are cleaned as well. Here is an example that should help you get it working. This should try to click all grimy herbs and clean them until they are all clean. You would want to do something similar with vials of water and mixing the herb after this. public int grimy_count;public static Condition cleanedHerb(int grimy_count) { return new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(100); // since we recorded the number of grimy herbs before cleaning it, we will make sure we have one less grimy herb in the inventory before returning true. return Inventory.getCount(Filters.Items.nameContains("Grimy")) < grimy_count; } };}// determine if we have any grimy herbs in inventoryRSItem[] grimy_herbs = Inventory.find(Filters.Items.nameContains("Grimy"));if (grimy_herbs.length > 0) { grimy_count = Inventory.getCount(Filters.Items.nameContains("Grimy"); // we will clean all herbs for (int i=0; i < grim_herbs.length; i++) { if (grimy_herbs[i].click("Clean")) { // ensure we wait until it is clean before moving on, note that we pass the condition function a parameter this time Timing.waitCondition(cleanedHerb(grimy_count), General.random(3000, 6000); } }}Something similar to the above should work. I will say I have not tested it, but that should get you going in the right direction. Please do not hesitate to post again if you still cannot figure it out. You can also add me on skype "ScriptsAllDay" for help whenever I am online.
  6. I pk a lot, but I just do it for fun. One thing I learned is to go to world 318 and pk in edgeville wildy. That is if you enjoyed varrock/edge wilderness pk. People are actively pking on that world 24/7 because of BH. As for builds, I like melee. I prefer 75 att/ 85+ str/ 70 def. Then use a godsword spec (preferably armadyl, but BGS is almost as good for about 1/15th the cost) with dharocks. Something I have saw other players doing (for KO with no GS) is to use a gmaul as spec weapon. Its not terribly accurate, but if they have high defense it is sometimes better to get 3 quick powerful shots than a few dds specs where they have time to eat in between. EDIT: Also don't forget to use an angler fish or two with DH to boost your max HP above its normal limit and therefore your DH max with health lost as well. You could also achieve a similar affect with sara brews and super restores, but I think angler fish is a higher hp boost and doesn't drop other stats.
  7. I have not implemented it yet. I have submitted my script writer application recently, which means I've spent most of my time refactoring and improving what I already have. Once I am done with that I will get back to writing more functionality. I am also working on ABC2 implementation.
  8. I should have noted that in the description, sorry it is not programmed to do that. Is it actually required for certain crops? I thought it wasn't really required if you use super compost, but I could definitely be wrong. If it is something that is worth it (if it actually is beneficial) I would consider adding it.
  9. Is this open source?
  10. I would pay you to power level a slayer account for me. Pm me or add my skype "ScriptsAllDay". I would probably pay RSGP per xp
  11. I can do everything web development. I recently switched job to writing desktop applications, but I have over 4 years experience doing nothing but web development work full time.
  12. Sorry if this is already answered somewhere, I didn't see it anywhere. Is there any way that I can report scripts that are confirmed not working from the repository? It seems that many times when searching the free repo all I find are scripts that do not work. It would be awesome if we could report these and remove them from the repository.
  13. Well done! Thank you for the detailed tutorial. I also enjoyed the statistical data analysis, thank you for sharing that . I am excited to get started on a script using these.
  14. 1) Snipplets: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) N/A 2) Tutorials: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) Filters tutorial - (Link to thread) (The "source" or "snippets" are embedded within the tutorial post) 3) Randoms/updates submitted: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) N/A 4) Scripts available to the public: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) Flax picker & Spinner -SourceThread Essence Miner -SourceThread Cow Killer -SourceThread Rockcrab Killer -SourceThread 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] I have been coding pretty much daily for the past 8 years. I had written code on and off for a few years before that, but I really only picked it up seriously when I started college. I found a job toward the end of my time in college and have been working full time as a web developer ever since. I always have projects going on outside the job and tribot has proven to be a great place for that. I have really enjoyed my time in this community so far! I have experience mostly with web development, but I am no stranger to OOP. I have worked in JAVA previously (hobby projects), but writing scripts here is by far the most JAVA I have ever written. I look forward to learning more about JAVA as I continue scripting! 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] I feel that I have learned quite a lot about the tribot API and JAVA through writing my scripts and working through tutorials. I am still learning new things everyday though, and I'm sure that will continue for a very long time. I try to keep an open mind and take criticism constructively because I genuinely want to improve. I also enjoy helping other members of the community, especially other script writers. I have had a lot of very frustrating times while trying to learn languages, or just programming concepts in general. I understand how overwhelming it can be to try and learn a new language, so I try to help as much as I can when I see new scripters asking questions. I personally would not be where I am today if I hadn't received answers to thousands of questions that I have had to ask more experienced developers over the years. Overall, I have done my best to learn everything that is required to be a scripter. I have also (and will always) done my best to assist anyone in the community with anything that I can. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] I plan to provide the community with reliable scripts and the code behind them in most cases. My goal is to write scripts that are safe rather than incredibly efficient (yay abc2). I don't think there is anything wrong with efficient gold farming bots, but personally I prefer safety. I will do my best to provide reliable, safe scripts. I intend to continue helping people to the best of my ability. I honestly enjoy helping with issues, even if its a simple one. I will never degrade someone for posting a question. No matter how basic the question is, or how easily they could find the answer otherwise. I plan to provide the community with all of the knowledge I possess through answering questions and sharing information in general. 8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] Yes! I will maintain my scripts, and continually develop open source / free scripts. Responses -TacoManStan : That is the one thing I regret about my username haha.The person who voted no but did not post : Could you please comment on why you voted no, and what I could do to improve in that area?The second person who voted no with no comment - Thanks.The third person who voted no with no comment - Thanks. Sphinx - "I would really like to see more involvement within the community. You only joined just recently on the 12th of December and your scripts are less than a month old, which in my mind that makes me think you're rushing yourself to produce quantity and not quality. " ^ So the amount of time my scripts have been released in addition to how long I have been here is what you are using as a metric to judge the quality of my scripts? Two of the three (you used the minimum number of scripts) scripts used in your application are younger/newer than some of mine. SPX Cow killer was submitted DEC27, Planker was JAN 1. Your application was a day after that. So two of the bare minimum 3 scripts you submitted for your scripter rank were submitted right around 1 week before you submitted your application. Heck, the planker was like 1 day. Your scripts were barely a week old when you applied. I would like to point out that my scripts are old than yours were when you applied. As for my involvement in the community, I have provided more free open source scripts than you. I have also provided more scripts overall than you. I even wrote a filters tutorial for you to use to improve your scripts since that was one of the main pieces of feedback you got. "NOTE: Not sure if this application will be applicable because you haven't implemented ABC2." ^ Here is a link to the requirements. I see that it asks for full ABCL10 implementation, but nothing about ABC2.. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/6550-application-guidelines/. Also since you have only missed ABC2 by about a week, should we take your scripter rank away until you re-submit an application with full ABC2? "Your API is not really an API as it focuses specifically on the script. An API is essentially a library of methods or other things that are used across all your scripts so you aren't constantly re-writing the same stuff over and over again." ^ Care to explain a bit more on that? My api is used across all of my scripts and is not focused on any single one. I have looked at your link and do not see what you were pointing out. What am I supposed to see from your bitbucket link? That you have an api that is structured very similarly to mine? You also use a lot of magic numbers in your scripts. That is wrong and should be done with constants. I am not rushing quantity over quality, I assure you of that. I may have only been here for a month, but I have spent a lot of time in that month learning the API. The scripts I have written are more complex than the ones you used in your application by far, so this coming from you shows me a great deal about you as a person. Most of your advice seems to be incorrect and conflicts with what I have been told by more experienced scripters. Thank you for the few pieces that are helpful, though. Methods being too short - I prefer smaller methods as it is easier to debug. I don't think too many small methods is a bad thing.Using part of the name - This generally only excludes one letter and is not a bad thing at all. I do this because I am checking contains, not equals.My if statements used to be a lot shorter, @Final Calibur suggested making them longer because it was more efficient space wise and better for readability. It should not be harder to debug if use properly, which I believe they are since I changed what he specifically asked me to.You comment on my naming convention a lot, but do not give specifics.The attack level check for picaxe is not necessary as if it fails to equip the pic thats no big deal. I could add it as another feature I suppose, but yeah not necessary.Checking if I failed a path is not inefficient (enough to matter) and it helps with debugging.healthPercent - Good advice, thank you.withdrawFood - Checking if the bank is already open seems like a good idea, thanks.Using dynamic clicking on food (or any inventory item) should not be done because it is to be used for moving objects......I find the nearest cow because it will not use the nearest in most cases if there is another player. Also using filters will not necessarily prevent me from getting the nearest cow as it can be used in combination with findNearest. Also, have you ever used a filter? I failed to find the use of a single filter in your code.Again with the if statements, I think this is your personal preferences and not necessarily anything to do with good coding practice.Convention naming, this time it seems you commented on a single variable and nothing else. Please be more specific.Conclusion - You say there are a lot of logic problems in my scripts. Care to mention them? I have been involved in the community. I have 241 posts in my time here, and over 300 users on my scripts. I know it took you a lot longer than me, but I have been programming for a lot longer than you. It simply didn't take me as long to learn the API. Thanks for your input. EDIT: I reviewed some of your code to try and get an idea of why you are being so harsh. After reviewing it, I honestly don't understand why you responded the way you did. Especially considering that your application got accepted on the premise that you were willing to learn, and not your script quality. Here are links to the review for your convenience. Planker - https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60090-free-spx-aio-planker-abcl10-open-source-all-plank-types-coin-amount/ (Seems rushed for scripter rank application.) AIOCooker - https://tribot.org/forums/topic/58405-free-spx-aio-cooker-open-source-4-locations-all-items-wine-making/page-2 SPXCowKiller - https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59930-free-spx-cow-killer-open-source-bank-hides-bury-bones/ (Seems rushed for scripter rank application. I stopped reviewing it early to give you time to refactor it first.) Well everyone, thank you for coming and voting well after the 72 hour mark. I've tried to maintain my composure throughout this process, but it simply isn't worth it anymore. It just is not. This is absolutely not a fair system for working out the scripter rank. One person comes into my thread and posts some things that are definitely in the wrong and now you want to make it out like I have attacked him. I just wanted to understand where he was coming from with all of this since nearly all of his advice is either wrong or honestly not specific enough to be helpful. Never mind the fact that 3 people voted no without any comments. Never mind the fact that sphinx was clearly accepted for the wrong reasons and is now abusing his rank. Never mind the fact that the only votes I got within the 72 hour window (posted in requirements thread as "give us up to 72 hours to review the application") were no comment no votes and maybe sphinxes vote. Other than that tacoman stan posted one time with an edit on the day of the post. This process has been absolutely painful to the point that I am considering moving on to a different scripting client. If you take a look at the situation without bias, you would likely understand my point.