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  1. keldm

    Buying OSRS Gold

    I have decided to buy some equipment in OSRS, but the thing is I do not have the gold. So trying to save an extra buck, I am paying you a few more cents pr. M than some gold vendors out there. Therefor I am buying 100-200m gold for Runescape oldschool. So if this is the right option for you, then don't hesitate to send me a PM on the forum, or add me on skype. My current buy rate: 1.15$ pr. M - Only OSRS gold needed! Skype: Hvidepenge123
  2. So how do i msg you pm? i would like to buy bonds of you, but i dont want to get added buy some scammer. Or if i add the wrong guy on skype, and its a scammer.
  3. Hello i would like to ask some people who using this script. How many days does it take before you get banned? Do you change ip after every ban? Do you belive that going from 25 magic to 60 in 1 day would cause a ban or attention to your account? Do you change host account when you get mass banned? Do you change your goldkeeper? and how often if so? Ps: its just out of curiosity, would be nice to hear what people are doing to avoid bans
  4. Bump: People are being banned en mass. The bug where the bot walks towards the minning site near the portal, are the main reason they are being busted. Removing this bug will remove the evidence indicating that this script are being used ingame. It is the last bug to go. - Keldm
  5. For the first time, nearly half of my farm got busted. I suspect it is the error stated above, furthermore another bug has come up. When the account is done with the materials, it auto relogs, maybe change it to just log off? - keldm
  6. I have experienced the same issue, it walks back into the portal 5-10 seconds later tho. But if you want to increase the effectivity pr. hour, this would be a good place to begin. Besides from that, it is working flawlessly. You have gotten rid of the bank bug, and the bug at the lectern, which makes it possible to not babysit. Maybe a last thing too add would be the House Joiner that rejoins 1-2 times pr. 24 hours, all the bots that are being used have the chance of being banned if they cannot enter the portal and does not log out. This could be fixed with an auto-logout, if you can not join the host. - Keldm
  7. Works like a champ, and effectivity i way up, thank you for the fix. - Keldm
  8. Hello USA, I am sorry to inform you that the script have not been fixed. All the updates since the 12th, have made the script unusable or ineffective. Today is the 10th day with the script not working (1/3 of a month), and people are wasting their ressources atm. Screenshot:
  9. Will ABC2 be added? I am considering trying out the script
  10. Same applies to me. Same old settings, same bugs, the canifis bug is new tho.
  11. Hello, as the title says I am currently selling 66k Lumbridge teletabs, for 696gp ea. I'm also encouraging other tab makers to sell some percentage of the tabs here and the rest on G.E for a small overprice a day, something like 5%+ each day should spark a price increase. In this way we all make more money, and most importantly, we can continue to use the method without getting to the point where it's not worth making the tabs or even make a productionstop that would eventually stabilize the price, however are we willing to go through with that? Since 15. Jan. 2016 the price has dropped from 921 to 691 (230gp).- http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/Lumbridge_teleport/viewitem?obj=8008 I can also produce different kind of tabs in bulk orders, just give me a PM or comment below. - Best regards Keldm
  12. Hello USA. I have now used your script for a couple of months. The same bank bug, that happened for months ago have still not been fixed. Now another issue have come up, the script is not working. All my bots ended up in the eastern kingdom some how (Quite a weird bug don't you think? I also think it is sketchy.) I would like to continue my subscription, but if these issues are not met with within the next updates, I can not be your customer anymore. These bugs have made it required to be around the computer, which is a huge problem for a lot of farmers. So to boil all that down to one question: Will you finally fix the bugs and the new bug that makes the script completely unuseable? - Best regards Keldm
  13. Hello I am 99 in magic, do I still need ranged for using this script? And what defence level is needed for such a lvl?
  14. Thank you very much for the quick response, this was the answer I was looking for. - Best regards Keld M
  15. Hello Tribot, I have decided to learn how to make scripts for Tribot. I have some experience regarding HTML 5, CSS, and a bit lua and javascript, but that is pretty much it. I do however have a few questions regarding the scriptmaking. I am not asking for a full tutorial about how to make these scripts, but what language I can expect to get experienced in, to obtain this goal. I hope there are some smart people out there, who can help me out. - Best regards KeldM
  16. how long time can it take to fix this bank bug in edgeville? i have paid 20 dollars for this, and i need to babysit it all the time. and dont start with the "Please follow instructions as i made" This bug happens no matter what at some point. Sometimes it happens after 20 min, sometimes happens after 4 hours. but when it happens its lagging the shit out of the pc and makes the other bots bug. i have air staff on, all runes in inventory. The only thing that the bot has to do is withdraw the soft clay from the bank, and not even that it can do without doing this bug. it has been there for weeks now, and still no fix?
  17. Also the mount glory thing, it has problems clicking on it. Would improve the gold per hour alot, if this thing worked 100% everytime.. (Go to mount glory, right click on it, click edgeville) This will make the script run smooth i think. it will require a little bit of programming but not much i would say.
  18. Hey @JoeDezzy1 Would like to thank you for the great script and updates you provide every single day, and the quick respond time you got. i paid for this and at first i was like ehhhhh what a shitty script it cant even run without me helping it all the time, but as the hours became days, i kind of noticed the small updates on bugs that was being posted here. And at this point this script is afk'able if you follow the info JoeDezzy1 Provided in hes front page of this thread. Ofc there can ALWAYS be better things to change or add to the script. But i can say that these last 3 days the script has been run smoothly without bugs and u can basicly just afk it all the way. Anyway sorry for my shitty english again, and great script again sir!
  19. first of all, how many hours did u run straight? second did u go air orb or earth orb? i have been running this script for 12 days now around 10 hours a day with random breaks ofc on 6 accounts, and i have not got a ban yet.
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