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  1. keldm

    Buying OSRS Gold

    I have decided to buy some equipment in OSRS, but the thing is I do not have the gold. So trying to save an extra buck, I am paying you a few more cents pr. M than some gold vendors out there. Therefor I am buying 100-200m gold for Runescape oldschool. So if this is the right option for you, then don't hesitate to send me a PM on the forum, or add me on skype. My current buy rate: 1.15$ pr. M - Only OSRS gold needed! Skype: Hvidepenge123
  2. So how do i msg you pm? i would like to buy bonds of you, but i dont want to get added buy some scammer. Or if i add the wrong guy on skype, and its a scammer.
  3. Hello i would like to ask some people who using this script. How many days does it take before you get banned? Do you change ip after every ban? Do you belive that going from 25 magic to 60 in 1 day would cause a ban or attention to your account? Do you change host account when you get mass banned? Do you change your goldkeeper? and how often if so? Ps: its just out of curiosity, would be nice to hear what people are doing to avoid bans
  4. Bump: People are being banned en mass. The bug where the bot walks towards the minning site near the portal, are the main reason they are being busted. Removing this bug will remove the evidence indicating that this script are being used ingame. It is the last bug to go. - Keldm
  5. For the first time, nearly half of my farm got busted. I suspect it is the error stated above, furthermore another bug has come up. When the account is done with the materials, it auto relogs, maybe change it to just log off? - keldm
  6. I have experienced the same issue, it walks back into the portal 5-10 seconds later tho. But if you want to increase the effectivity pr. hour, this would be a good place to begin. Besides from that, it is working flawlessly. You have gotten rid of the bank bug, and the bug at the lectern, which makes it possible to not babysit. Maybe a last thing too add would be the House Joiner that rejoins 1-2 times pr. 24 hours, all the bots that are being used have the chance of being banned if they cannot enter the portal and does not log out. This could be fixed with an auto-logout, if you can not join the host. - Keldm
  7. Works like a champ, and effectivity i way up, thank you for the fix. - Keldm
  8. Hello USA, I am sorry to inform you that the script have not been fixed. All the updates since the 12th, have made the script unusable or ineffective. Today is the 10th day with the script not working (1/3 of a month), and people are wasting their ressources atm. Screenshot:
  9. Will ABC2 be added? I am considering trying out the script
  10. Same applies to me. Same old settings, same bugs, the canifis bug is new tho.
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