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  1. hue123some

    How to set up a gold farm?

    Goodluck I am trying to do this while working a full time job and its a bit of a struggle getting it done
  2. hue123some

    Is there any plank make script?

    Why would you want a randomized click pattern , that in my opinion makes it look bot like. I know when I do skilling I always do the same pattern. Just make sure you bot smart hours , take breaks and use looking glass.
  3. hue123some

    Question about proxies

    Alright so I am getting someone to level my accounts for me and I was wondering something. These accounts will NEVER touch my home IP Would it be fine if the trainer trains them using their IP and then I switch it to a proxy? I know the optimal thing to do would be to let the train use the proxies and train them via the proxies. But I wanted to hear what you thought
  4. hue123some


    Nice work on this release.
  5. hue123some

    How to run script?

    Press start script once the client is loaded and select the script from the list. If you do not have a script just grab one from the repo , there are a lot of free scripts you can test.
  6. hue123some


    had java , fixed it with looking through some threads.
  7. hue123some


  8. Nice guide and some very good tips on how to bot safely.
  9. hue123some

    Looking for a good scripter

    Gl finding a scripter that will do this
  10. How does a script this simple have so many problems
  11. Pretty awesome script when you want to watch a tv show and afk
  12. hue123some

    Looking glass + proxy

    Im not sure about proxies with LG but the thread below has some information about LG
  13. Looking good man , btw do you make private scripts.
  14. hue123some

    MotherLoad Mine Script?

    Currently there are no up to date motherlode mining scripts that are free.