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  1. Road from zero to hero (Gold farm progress)

    Work has picked up in the last few weeks and i've had hardly no computer time so this will be on hold until I get a holiday break :/
  2. Road from zero to hero (Gold farm progress)

    one of the accounts has been banned due to the runescape update screwing up the bot. I've already got 3 more accounts ready to go on Wednesday night
  3. Road from zero to hero (Gold farm progress)

    @fish3814 Having multiple methods is very important I think. Little update: Going away for the weekend so no updates :/ See you on Monday.
  4. How to set up a gold farm?

    Goodluck I am trying to do this while working a full time job and its a bit of a struggle getting it done
  5. Is there any plank make script?

    Why would you want a randomized click pattern , that in my opinion makes it look bot like. I know when I do skilling I always do the same pattern. Just make sure you bot smart hours , take breaks and use looking glass.
  6. Gaming Laptop Needed

    Hi i'm going to university next year and i'm not bring my desktop to my housing. (Might do but probably not) Budget: 2.2-2.5K NZD I want to be able to play League Of Legends , run multiple bots if I wanted to test something out and do general school work. Feel free to link websites or just the name of the laptop.
  7. Road from zero to hero (Gold farm progress)

    Nah I was going to test that method , but I tested on my main and was around 250k per hour.
  8. Question about proxies

    Alright so I am getting someone to level my accounts for me and I was wondering something. These accounts will NEVER touch my home IP Would it be fine if the trainer trains them using their IP and then I switch it to a proxy? I know the optimal thing to do would be to let the train use the proxies and train them via the proxies. But I wanted to hear what you thought
  9. Road from zero to hero (Gold farm progress)

    Still testing the script out and on Friday, I should get another 5 accounts in the making and should be running by mid week. Some statistics: 6 Days since I started this thread. Over 9M RSGP Made. 1 Account Made. 1 Script Made. -- By day 10 I want at least 5 accounts in the making. Hard when you work 9-10 hours per day
  10. I will buy a standard package if you can run client starter on linux , could you find out?
  11. What was your FIRST bot ever?

    I used a scar colour bot to woodcut normal trees in Lumbridge.
  12. RedCooker

    Nice work on this release.
  13. How to run script?

    Press start script once the client is loaded and select the script from the list. If you do not have a script just grab one from the repo , there are a lot of free scripts you can test.