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  1. Hi all, hopefully this is the right place Is it still possible to get access to human mouse movement? Got some mouse data for you. Just fyi I was seeing circles in my sleep last night. Let me know if you need any more Xmouse_data-289817-1465080810549.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465081196709.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465082373528.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465083446116.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465083902822.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465084612850.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465086249704.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465086657991.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465087422440.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465087880708.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465116222848.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465116830067.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465120917322.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465144970290.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465146197610.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465148068826.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465148934823.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465149412528.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465149810239.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465151008343.dat edit: did a couple more since I had some downtime Xmouse_data-289817-1465152214813.dat Xmouse_data-289817-1465151810377.dat
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