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  1. remove the 64bit java version under 'Add or remove programs' (if ur on windows)
  2. When using runite mining at Neitiziot it doesnt cross the first bridge, it just hovers over it but doesnt click.
  3. Worldhopping is glitched, if using worldswitcher it will hop to 1 world and then the script stops, if not using worldswitcher it will keep switching worlds without logging in.
  4. Bug walking from barbarian outpost to the dagannoths under lighthouse preset, when it banks in varrock and then teles to barbarian outpost it will just stand still. (or when banking in barbarian outpost it will walk outside and then just stand still)
  5. When I try to run the script it gives me this message [10:13:46] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. even though im only using one account?
  6. Same for me, Tau Motherloda Miner Pro, Im pressing activate, I am logged into the right account and im not using a VPN.
  7. Same here
  8. Hello, Im new to TriBot so I dont have any scrips yet but when I activate one it does not show up under scripts when opening bin or when I try to start a script (im also not able to press the Start Script, Pause Script, Stop Script or Re-run Script buttons) . I'm not sure what if im suppose to download the script manually or what? pls help