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  1. Slightly unrelated but what do you guys spend all your spare points on? Got like 50mil points :/
  2. When hosting games for yourself anybody notice the "Previous" Setting is missing? Bot is getting stuck with no previous option to select
  3. The bot keeps logging out all of a sudden (No connection lost or anything, then just logs back in) No idea why its doing this.. Any ideas?
  4. Very buggy, Got it to work once and then it crashed. Could not get to water birth island. Pretty disappointing.
  5. Awesome script, does it support pickaxe upgrading? or changing ores i.e when it hits 21 mining, to only mine iron (Is this is what multi-selection rock advancement means?)
  6. Keep coming back to see the character has downgraded to a bronze axe from a rune axe something seems to be causing this, unsure what at this stage. Seems to mostly happen on willows -> Potentially accidentally banking rune axe? Could we make it possible that if it loses axe it home teleports and goes to lumbridge bank to check for best axe?
  7. So what happens after level 50? And any GPH Figures once he is banking salmon + trout?