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  1. Hi @Netami, is it possible to add "redwood shields?" as it is fast and afk. Thanks Rick
  2. rick558

    Black screen MAC

    Please can someone help?
  3. Hi there, first of all im on a MAC Just came back from a long stop of botting. Allready bought my looking glass and the script but when i try to open the bot (through looking glass) i get the black screen. I don't know how because 6 months ago it just worked. I've read all the help forums but nothing will work. When i try osbuddy.jar looking glass works but i cant type (the forum says that osbuddy is not the way to deal with) so i have tried runelite but unfortunately this diddn't work as well (normal and .jar). For the one that helps my i will pay 5$. Thanks in advanced. Rick
  4. Hey mate. Can you tell me how long it took you for 1 skill to get 99? Like 1-99 thieving. How long did it take?
  5. Dont know what it costs to be fair. I made a piety pure so go 70 defence with Ahrim's, tome of fire filled, Smoke battlestaff. So i only have to buy blood runes. Get 85k xp/h with filled book , without 75k. But also get HP xp (26k xp/h)
  6. Got from 60 / 60 / 60 / 60 magic to 60 / 95 / 70 / 92 magic without any ban. Botting 8-10 hours a day with no breaks. Using LG. Will doing range after 94 magic and "perhaps" after 99 strength. Never had an issue with this script. As my last accounts it's working perfect. Thanks to @erickho123
  7. I just bought a script for 2 weeks. My question is, what if i deactivate my script? Will it be gone after the 2 weeks? Or can i deactivate it for 2 weeks. after the 2 weeks i activate it again? Sorry for the bad english, hope you understand
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