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  1. I searched, but never found them. Can you explain me in high speed?
  2. Can someone explain me how it works with the absorption and rockcake on a one prayer pure? Like, whats in the inventory and just some background information? Thanks!
  3. It does, But erikho is inactive for some reason. I dont get any contact with him with skype or message.
  4. I want to know this too. Allready added you on skype, messaged you but dont get a reaction! I hope you will give me one with this way of contacting lol.
  5. For me it runs well now.. got on my low level account a ranger helmet, void top and 100 points now without any ban. Lets hope to get full void
  6. Started to get: 30 Attack50 Strength40 Ranged59 Magic42 Prayer53 Fishing10 Fletching70 Cooking50 Crafting50 Woodcutting50 Agility10 Slayer50 Firemaking53 Theiving45 Herblore50 Smithing52 Mining payed.
  7. Have you added me on skype? If so what is your name.: Tim_Beekman What stats do you need?: I wanna know how much it is from 80 to 99 str (got 60 attack ) And i wanna know how much it is of making a brand new account to 50 attack and 80 str Is the account member?: Yes Is it a new account or an account already started?: allready started / new Is Tutorial island finished? If not are you paying me to finish it?: yup Do you agree to the rules?: Yes Price you want: Dont know what u offer
  8. Its so nice working for me! i just got a 15 hour proxy! But forgot to make a screenshot. Thanks TRI!