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  1. It lets you run your scripts onto an official, nonbot client. So you could open up old school Runescape in your browser and use TRiBot's looking glass to run scripts onto it(I haven't had any compatibility issues yet with scripts). It also works on other clients such as OSBuddy.
  2. rick558


    Dam, that would be sick..
  3. Thanks! Got 99 strength and range with this script!
  4. rick558


    Definitely the salamanders. Fast exp. Wait let me add you on discord
  5. rick558


    I think there are a lot of people waiting for it as there is nothing for hunter on Tribot.
  6. rick558


    A lot of script are outdated or not even working. Who is the first one that makes a good hunting script?
  7. rick558

    nRogues Den

    Gratz on release!
  8. The trial was perfect. Now i bought the script, been using it for 3 days so far. But after around 45 minutes i keep getting the error: "Equip fire tiara". I talked with you on discord and you told me you still had an issue with the fire tiara.. I am not going to babysit my bot everyday (so not be able to delete hooks etc everyday) so can you please tell me when it will get fixed? If it won't get fixed soon can i have a refund please so i can buy it back when you fixed it? Thanks.
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