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  1. At the moment, some bugs are that the script's kill count keeps going non-stop even when i havent killed anything, and it wont lay down the cannon after i have banked once. There were no errors so i cant paste anything. it spams "ABCL2 update:last fight took 54 kills 53122" and i died because the bot didn't eat due to breaking, it just kept trying to logout while i was still getting attacked. Another problem is ill be using the cannon and itll be fine for the first trip but after it baks it doesn't setup the cannon Great script though! Lots of durability in temrs of what you wanna do with it. youve also been qucik about getting updates/fixes out
  2. messaged him on skype, instant dleivery. 100%. buy everything off yohojo proxies, gold, credits. all A+++
  3. Hello All, id like to buy 25 credits with paypal please
  4. Hey @Tri I recently bought your script and it is having problems withdrawing from the bank. It will withdraw all of my potions and will continuously reset whenever it doesnt have everything it needs in the inventory. Also, its always trying to stop in teh corner of the black demons when walking to taverly hellhounds
  5. Alpha Smither is a great one! (Personally use)
  6. Atomsk

    Repository Credits

    it costs 20$ to charge back. Its not that big of an issue, and yes. I thinking Tri has done this purposely, or at least doesnt care enough to fix it.
  7. Hello, I am willing to buy 20 credits over Paypal (Verified) I will buy 20 credits for $25
  8. Atomsk

    Repository Credits

    Yeah, no I cant. The system on both my stripe AND paypal has said "Fraudulent Pay" so something is definitely bullshit
  9. So whats the deal with Repository Credits? Why is it so difficult to get them? Why are they more expensive in the Black Market vs from @TRiLeZ? Why am I unable to buy enough credits just to get VIP or any other script I would like? It almost seems like you guys are limiting yourselves (owners of tribot)
  10. Form: How many:20 When do you need:now Total Price:18m @ChaoticWays
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