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  1. Okay If i was to purchase the assume calculator for lifetime, do I have to run it through tribot or is there another way I could open it... I.e a exe application. Or can you make it so that if I run it through tribot when I close the tribot the application for the calculator stays open? I'd like to stake for myself and not have to keep tribot open
  2. If you are buying post below with this: Skype name: helmet4exile Payment Method: 07 How many bonds 3
  3. You're a retard. Pid is random chance, if you don't know what that means in odds, its 50/50. The bot made double than what you have, and telling by your well thought sentences I'd say your in debt in the duel arena. The calculator and script is n.early flawless and in a higher combat level stake, pid is probably relied on 1/5-10 stakes. Beyond dumb.
  4. The thread is filled with people who don't understand Tribot or read simple directions on how to set it up, so they comment "Omg this was a waste of money, shitty script cant even set it up properly" Completely their fault, not assumes. The only problems I've ever had with this script are the one decline bug (that assume fixed within hours) or the client bug with a common lag glitch, which is still occurring. Sorry for defending myself from an idiot.
  5. Yes because I really asked you. Mind your own business idiot. If he wants to say his stats he will. I don't need sarcastic lip from a spastic.
  6. I'd stand right outside the building near the eastern door. I see alot of people your level staking there. My pure stands near the stairs leading to the stands and lately I havent been getting any stakes lol
  7. Xman can you list the stats of the accounts that you use to bot. Im ranked 5, just started botting this script again but was just curious of your stats. I've always done a low level 1 def pure (The bot gets it def) so its like 20 def 88 str 60 attk 84 hp. It's always given pretty good proggies, but im working on another acc to bot probably 75 attk 90 str 88hp 70 def. Think that would be good? If you dont mind showing your stats, (hide your rsn) I would appreciate it. Thx
  8. Assume have you contacted Trillez about this shitty lag with the client? Your script is always good and profits most of the time but the annoying lag spiked sometimes generates poking/declining. It does affect the bot negatively, and is just annoying lol. I know it's not your fault but have you heard anything about the fix? I contacted him through pm with a video/explanation, as well as on his thread. Nothing..
  9. What did you do to fix the freeze? Explain about what you do with the system time. I still get the lag using Assume staker script
  10. What freezes? The tribot client. Doesnt white screen or anything just pauses for 2 second intervals every 10-15 seconds What do you see? The client, just paused in time. What happens when you minimize TRiBot, then bring it to foreground? Nothing changes Have you tried stopping the running script? Multiple Times yes What script were you running? Assume Staker What is in the client debug? [23:38:33] Starting client.[23:39:11] Downloading script 'Assume Staker'.[23:39:14] Script Started: Assume Staker.[23:39:21] All prints are now in the "Logger" GUI. Please view them there[23:42:53] The script's paint appears to be frozen. Attempting to recover the paint thread.[23:42:53] The script's paint thread was recovered.[23:47:04] Login bot started.[23:47:07] Login Bot: Login...[23:47:23] Login bot succeeded.[23:49:27] The script's paint appears to be frozen. Attempting to recover the paint thread.[23:49:29] The script's paint thread was recovered.[23:50:58] Login bot started.[23:50:58] Login Bot: Login...[23:51:10] Login bot succeeded. What is in the bot debug? [17:24:34] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[17:27:38] Exception in thread "Thread-866"[17:27:38] java.lang.NullPointerException[17:27:38] at scripts.Staker.main.api.b.a.q.F(DuelMethods.java:71)[17:27:38] at scripts.Staker.main.api.b.a.q.E(DuelMethods.java:61)[17:27:38] at scripts.Staker.main.api.a.a.m.run(BetChangeListener.java:19)[17:27:38] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[17:47:17] Unknown login message: 727[17:47:24] Unknown login message: 322 If you boot TRiBot in console mode, what messages are in the console? Not sure what console mode is Picture of 'Runtime Information': (View>Runtime Information) Heap Size: 256MBJava Home: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\jreJava Version: 1.7.0_45 64bitOperating System: Windows 8Proxy: noneSID: 70f5-x3XpgEOKqqT6uZjALDOuWSBTqDvZzdyFXrCw5Oa3XCdV1GCgTRiBot Version: TRiBot Release 9.104_0Uptime: 18:12:25 This freeze is ridiculous. I thought It would have been fixed by now but the freeze is still here. It's an interval lag, every 10 seconds or so a 1-2 second lag occurs. Making me lose money with the staker bot.
  11. Assume, are you aware if the Mods/Admins/Owners are aware of the lag issue? I've done all you said to decrease it, but it still greatly effects the stakes if you are dds'ing. I have profited 7m, but I haven't been watching it, so I'm not sure how bad the stakes are going. If not, can you conact a mod seeing as your a higher ranked member. Thanks
  12. Not sure that the problem is the script or the Tribot client iteself, but it is lagging. It's not a constant lag, but every 5-10 seconds a half second freeze happens causing poking/not pulling out scim/giving gap/free hits, etc. Please fix if it's on your end, if it's not fill me in if they are gonna fix?
  13. I failed. My membership ran out while I was botting, which I should have anticipated. Once I had transferred a bond onto the account, logged in, and resumed the script, it ended due to the lack of gaining experience for 10 minutes. Ignore the crappy quality of the screenshot as I didn't have time to decrease the compression rate to increase the quality of the screenshot. Edit: I should clarify that the script didn't fail, crash, or end for any reason other than an overlook on my part. Should I have thrown a bond on the account beforehand, it'd still be botting.
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