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  1. how do i create a preset ? like what do i enter there EDIT i found this and i must agree it works but it should be making the tables faster it almost looks as if its made to be banned if it goes this slow
  2. depends it's not that i see a certain rhytm but i can say this, ive ben using the client on mining with breaks i did firemaking fletching etc.. switched things up like 2 days this 3 days that etc. and when i run the bot for 10 hours with breaks/worldhop i get good profit. mlm is not really designed to make big profits imo it's just a nice way to get your mining up since iron ore is such a pain to train by yourself or to bot it.
  3. brother i got 37-89 mining so far at the mlm with a script from here its peanuts
  4. Hey buddy! 


    Mind assisting me with what settings you are using to make it work so flawlessly? Cheers :)

    1. foorieboy93


      mlm upper worldhop 2-4 hours, really all i set :D

  5. Buy this script, it works so flawless for me using breaks and workldhop. tyvm @Aropupu
  6. i was looking trough the scripts for certain skills there are still scripts in there that haven't been updated in 2 years, i think after a certain time they should be removed. it would also be handy to have an option to search for the most updated script inside the choose category, it makes it easyer to find what script ispossibly going to work, and up to date. a bit dissapointed to see how some scripts never been updated anymore but yet they are still there for purchase imo greetings
  7. i absolutely love this script was using world hops, breaks still it ran perfect!
  8. if you can cannon at the ogres just setup an easy clicker and you should be fine calculate the ammount of clicks you approx need and then let the script stop at a certain ammount of clicks so when you reach that you will stop clicking and logout due to inactivity
  9. goddam i was hyped to see osbuddy being on after i hit the gym feelsbad haha
  10. Verry happy so far 44-67 mining in mlm last night 7 hours with breaks worldhopping it ran fantastic!
  11. No alts that i make they go for 2 hours then break 30 min i do this until 5 hours are pasta so 4 hours of botting 1 hour break
  12. thanks again any tips on how long to run/break ive set it up at 2hours run 30 min break
  13. hey, if i want to setup breaks how will the client know my rs details to log back in? any help on this
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