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  1. Hi! This bot just consistently gets stuck for me. Walks from Nardah bank to the rock, but wont enter. If I help it will walk to pyramid, but wont enter, if I help it will talk to npc before mini-game, then once inside will just stand still.
  2. Yeah I'll wait for a developer to reply hopefully they will give me a concrete answer cause I'd like to know it shows vip has same rewards as vip-e except vip e has longer time ?
  3. [04:36:48] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. I'm vip though ?
  4. It was this^ thankyou Worthy! I will always just use start script and just wait 10 I thought my tribot was being bugged and had to be reinstalled or something but this explains it cause its working fine now after waiting 10 and killing all instances!
  5. How can I fix the error other then buying vip I only play one account and it says I can run my premium scripts unlimited on one instance I checked my instance manager and nothing is running how come I cant run any scripts when im not vip i bought premium unlimited auths for a reason =/
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