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  1. it was my own fault why it wasn't working. This script has been nothing but brilliant. You, are brilliant.
  2. I'd pay for the bot if it was updated and had abc 2 etc
  3. Apparently not working since update an hour ago - at ardy
  4. Still broken at red chins. My month ran out (4 days without use) and i tried the trial and nope still nothing at red chins
  5. I still can't use it at all, has my month ended or something? still the same problem. (if not I haven't been able to use it for the passed two days @daxmagex) (Checked my paypal and it couldn't have run out yet)
  6. Hmm I don't know whats up with it, when i try and start it.. It goes berserk and runs around everywhere and says i am gaining exp in every skill lol ( at red chins )
  7. I tried the trial just for cannon balls and it just spam clicks the map by the furnace at edgeville ? and that's all it does
  8. Thank you very much for your quick response. No worries at all keep up the good work
  9. currently not working at red chins since the runescape update. edit: seems to be working again now
  10. No bans but the developer takes a very long time to reply to comments and let us know how things are going , right now it's unusable without constant babysitting