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  1. Hey When doing master farming in farming guild in zeah. The bot tries to go into the 85 farming area. This happens even if i select east or west. Could you add a hotfix please? + would it be possible to add the option to move the seeds its keep eg. Rannars to the bottom/top of the inventory it would make it more human like. Thanks.
  2. Has molten glass making and glass blowing been fixed? because thats the reason i want to buy the script.
  3. Can anyone tell me why i cant open tribot?
  4. Im using a mac, and im unable to open the client. It says its updated however it just closes it self right away. Any help?
  5. +1 on temple trekking, but id pay for that. The flax spinning scripts are all out dated. an auto alcher flax picking scripts are rubbish filling buckets of sand in zanaris cooking seaweed.
  6. When game finishes the bot keeps going in and out of WT
  7. im in fixed and it still isnt picking it up
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