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  1. @Druid your ardougne chest is thieving the runes at half the speed they should be im getting half the nature runes. theres got to be a way to make this smoother please. thanks
  2. Exactly man i just got the script and read the documentation thread its straightforward. only issue i've had is that the bot sometimes thinks i ran out of some items.I'm thinking i should move my items near the top so it doesn't have to scroll. This happens rarely and everything else works flawlessly! Worthy also gives good support!
  3. Thank you! you gave me everything i needed to know
  4. don't get me wrong i'm not blaming the script, just trying to gather information.
  5. how long have they been lasting? trying to gather information
  6. how does the break handler work does run time mean for how long it waits until the break? what do the randomness options mean? also is duration how long it breaks for? thanks
  7. safe to assume i was manually banned?
  8. so for the 20$ version of the premium script can i run as many accounts as i want? if i had vip-e
  9. wondering if anyone has any knowledge about whether or not this was a manual ban,new to botting since its become harder anyway. i've been botting like 4 hours a day without any breaks this past week as i thought it is normal for people to play for hours at a time. i know you guys don't just give information about successful botting for obvious reasons but any advice would help. EDIT: i'm using druids AIO master chopper if that's any help. i realize now woodcutting may not be a good choice considering the amount of bots i see walking around i'd assume players would get angry and report them for stealing their locations.
  10. if i'm not mistaken you can't trade cowhides until 24 hours of playtime, i don't know all the restrictions so its best you search the forum for some guides on how to bot safely/ a guide on mules. fairly sure i've seen both on here just can't recall who posted them. sorry about that
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