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  1. My laptop can't run LG without lagging up the whole game and it causes the script to die to Zulrah
  2. Yeah I suppose so, just wanted to take the risk for the Zulrah cash. When LG 2 comes out that will be the day.
  3. Last location before getting banned?: Zulrah/Clan WarsSkill botted?: Zulrah FarmingBreaks or no? No break -- ran it for 6 hours then logged off for the nightIf so how long?: 6 hours on one dayHow long did you bot per day?: 6 hours first time botting on this accountBanned before?: noType of ban?: Bot Busting Moderate (ban)VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) NoScripts Used? |w| Zulrah SlayerOther Bots Used?: noneHow many bots at a time were being ran?: 1Date banned?: 1/14/2016Fresh account/Days acc used?: Yes fresh account, used account for about 3 yearsLooking glass used?: No, this script does not work with looking glass unfortunately (really looking forward to the next version of LG) Same exact thing happened to a friend of mine and it happened two days ago. Now today it happened to me. We both were using the same script and have never botted on our accounts before. Picture of ban: http://i.imgur.com/jpcyo4K.png My theory on why the increase of bans: OSBuddy has been acting weird for a lot of people (DC/glitching/etc...) and other 3rd party clients but Jagex's client seems to be working fine. Well I think Jagex put in a small update that affects 3rd party clients in some way. Then they see what accounts are acting up and look into them for botting. Well that's my theory but I know nothing about code and how detection software works so im probably wrong but just wanted to say what was on my mind haha. Hopefully others do not run into trouble.
  4. Okay well now im on run 14 without a death so it works... Thanks I guess haha
  5. What do you believe your time frame will be on pushing out this update? As for my problem I guess I will just have to wait and see if it fixes itself.
  6. Also got a gif, https://gfycat.com/SecondhandOrneryGallinule make sure to watch till the end
  7. Dammit... I was having problems last night and still today so I thought I should post about it.
  8. Okay so I can Skype with you to show you what goes wrong but once the JAD phase comes on it messes up all the phases after that and always runs through poison until it dies or it will die from thinking its a different phase and it prays the wrong prayer/stands in the wrong area until it dies. It is the same thing that's happening to legendish and owenjm21 (they both posted above me with the same problem). I have messed with all the settings/gear setups and been through every combination of adjustments. I also deleted my .tribot folder and reinstalled it along with re-downloading Java but still nothing is fixing this issue. GUI: http://i.imgur.com/iI2Tn9e.png Gear Setup Magic: http://i.imgur.com/89P9ZET.png Gear Setup Range: http://i.imgur.com/q7seOv9.png -It should be noted that I have tried using the blowpipe as well, the problem still occurs Stats: 90 Magic | 94 Range | 97 Defense I am not using Looking Glass and as you can see by my setup I also only have a 3 way switch so that cant be contributing to the problem either.
  9. What mouse speed setting do you guys use? It seems like i have to set mine pretty high in order for it to survive.
  10. @Assume my stats are 73 attack, 70 defense, and 82 strength. Are these good stats for staking or should I wait and stake once i max?
  11. This sounds like what occurred. I did delete the hooks.dat file and restarted the client before I made my first post though so I don't believe that had anything to do with it. As far as lending out my account, I am not sure I would be okay with that. Nothing against you but I just have trust issues . The script does still manage to do what I would like to do with it so I am not desperate for minor improvement tweaks. If something major does come up and you would need an account to help fix the script then PM me and ill help you out. Happy Holidays
  12. It keeps saying it cant find the Antipoison in my bank but i have a stack of Antipoison (4) on the first row of my bank along with my shark. It says it cant find it and it logs out. I start the script next to the bank with my Antipoison and food in my inventory and then it goes to the bank, puts everything back, withdraws the same items again, then puts it all back again. It does this process multiple times until the script just logs me out. Edit: Okay so it looks like the problem occurs when I want to just withdraw one Antipoison (I was just testing the script out for a couple runs). I set it to withdraw 2 and it works fine. So I guess it isn't really a problem. Edit 2: I'm not sure if you are still active but a good change to this script would make it so that when banking in Sophanem, make it so that it doesn't overshoot the bank and walk behind the building instead of in it. I have noticed that it does not happen very often which is good but when it does it can look very bot-like to players in the area. Other than that, the script does get the job done. Thanks for the script!
  13. Do you think buying 100m would increase the chance of getting caught as compared to 10m?
  14. that would be really sick. Honestly any kind of farming script would be nice and I bet there would be people who would love to get their farming leveled up.
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