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  1. Welcome to my Free Service. I am doing any quest I accept for free! If its to hard/long I will deny it.. Sorry! I will be doing free offers for up to 2 months. Depending on how well it goes. I'm not asking for Feedback ( although I may ) But I will accept one. I do NOT bot. Pure Friendly! You have a Pure? Need it to be quested? I will take on these challenges. 1 prayer 1 def low HP it can all still be done! Desert Treasure! Monkey Madness! Hard quests! Simple Answers! More information Updated 12/20/2015 As it follows with DMM Services, I will try to keep your account alive. It is not an 100% guarantee your account will remain the same levels as started. Due to mistakes and errors occurred. In the rare chance your character does die during questing... I will refund " X " amount of the service cost. * Does NOT apply to free offers * __________________________ 07 Questing There is a rare chance I will die. For example a level 3 account with 10 HP? Obvious deaths are going to be acquired. I will try my best not to die with the required stats given, But it may happen. If this happens. I will refund the total death amount after quest is completed. I will be taking the amount of GP that I died with off of the service cost. * Does NOT apply to free offers * _____________________________ As of NOW I ask you to remove all GP/Valuable items off the account I am working on. Leave me with enough GP/Items to complete the quest(s) given. I also ask you get ALL the required Skill stats/Items for the quest. Applies to DMM and 07! __________________ 4 Quest Per FB/Offer PER PERSON! Recently I have been getting a lot of Free Offer Requests. To handle this situation I am Only doing 4 quests per FB/Offer.. PER PERSON! If you ask for more I will deny it! This applies for Free Offers/Paid Offers! ______________________________ I am accepting 07 RS GP as donations. - Donation List - 1. BigMoney ~2.3m OSRS GP~ 2. Stan0606 ~8m OSRS GP~ 3. Chess18 ~2.2m OSRS GP~ 4. MethodRS ~4m OSRS GP~ 5. ________________ - Pay Pal Donation List - 1. Jeroenftw ~$4.00~ Donation Pot: ~16.5m~ _______________________________ Add my Skype for more information. Free offers Completed: 13 Skype: ablogposting
  2. This has actually been my goal from the first moment I started on tribot.. Donating 5$ to tribot.. Getting that cool gold donation perk just makes my day Edit: Aparently I have to edit this thread... ANY BASHING/HARRASING COMMENTS WILL LEAD TO THE IGNORE PREFERANCE PAGE NO SERVICES FROM ME!
  3. Please Tribot Users I have not botted in a while so if I'm missing anything please send me a message or post it and I will add to the list. _______________________________________ 1. Read the forums, Do some exploring first.. Read up on bots/goldfarming/LG/Proxies/etc. _________ 2. Buy Vip! When you feel comfortable enough to do so. Cant stress that enough.. Buy it once you are comfortable with forums! __________ 3. Upgrade to VIP-E with just (2) more credits. __________ 4. Now you have the ability to become a Botter! __________ 5. Once again... Read more up on Bots/Goldfarming/LG/Proxies/etc. ( As soon as you buy Vip/Vip-e there is a option on the forums for better discussions about this ) __________ 6. Once you have found this forum discussion. READ EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN ABOUT IT. ( they have LG/Proxy/Vps Discussions/Help. ) _________ 7. All the help you need from here on out with LG/Proxy/Vps will be on that discussion page. ( Do Not ask questions that have 5k questions to it on the Thread! ) ( Gets annoying, But hey we all need help. Right? ) __________ 8. Once you have read all you can.. Try practicing Botting without any of the " Perks " such as proxy/vps.. But I do recommend using LG ( Looking Glass ) Give yourself all the practice you need. __________ 9. When you have practiced enough on a throw away account. ( Get the feel of LG/Botting ) | It is now time to start buying VPS/Proxys for better efficiency. ( so pick a website on tribot and get to the money spending! ) __________ 10. Now that you have everything.. You should know by now how to set up these proxies or VPS. So no need for me to explain. _________ 11. _________ 12. _________ 13. __________ Helpful Tips! 1. Make a secondary account to transfer items/gp over. 2. Make your account not look like a bald headed bot with all lvl 3 stats. 3.Take breaks after 7 hours of botting. 4. Do Not bot more than 7hrs unless you want to expect a ban. ( all night botting is ok.. just not safe. ) 5. Buy a Premium Script... Or better! 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ____________________________________ Remember! to have an rs client open to login screen. Then Open a Looking glass client! Result = same account botting. using 2 clients, looking glass/rs client. __________ Things I missed.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  4. Title says it all.. I want to make a $5 donation to Tribot. But I want to do it through osrs gp. Since I do not have the means of payment in which they have listed.
  5. Gah.. Time to get a coffee.. In the mean time take a look at my doggie Hes going to be a celebrity by this afternoon Please take pictures of your pets and show also!
  6. yeah welcome..
  7. delete. apparently. alls it was getting was spam/harassing comments from @HeyImJamie already reported him
  8. once again I think you deserve points. So lets do this again.. @YoHoJo @Usa @Todd @Mute Now I'm ignoring you cause your trying real hard to get me in trouble when alls I have done to you is nothing.
  9. how do I deserve points? first off and second I already reported you.
  10. once again... I think you deserve points @YoHoJo @Usa @Mute @TRiLeZ @Todd
  11. and how will I get them? please explain? I did what it said.. go to personal messenger, u started swearing/name calling over that. so I did the same. #getrekt
  12. nah I don't need to pal I'm just waiting to see if you get a ban time for this.. lmfao #nonstopspamming/harassing/cyberbullying comments/posts RULES: •Offensive material/Flaming ◦You may not post material that is racist or prejudiced in any way. ◦You may not "flame" another user. This refers to publically "calling out" another user and using disrespectful terms to address them or their character. If you have a problem with someone, private message them. If they are suspected to be breaking a rule, report them! ◦Accusing a user of scamming without proof publically falls into this as well. If you believe you have been wronged, make a dispute and staff will take action. •Disrespect of any staff ◦This refers to ALL staff members. VIP, Donors and scripters do not fall into this category. 2 Points •Spamming ◦Spam is any post or thread that is not constructive. ◦This includes short messages that serve no purpose and are very minimal in expression and detail. If a user is asking for input and you reply with "don't do it," you will be punished. ◦In the suggestions forum, back up your reasoning. "No support/Support/Great idea!" are all examples of spam. ◦You may only bump a thread once every 12 hours. Bumping is defined as the same user posting twice consecutively. A "bump" post may be any length, and does not follow spam rules. ◦Double posting. •Offensive behavior ◦Staff may punish using this rule for any behavior that does not constitute higher punishment, but must still be addressed. •Offensive language ◦Staff may punish using this rule for any language that does not constitute higher punishment, but must still be addressed. •False Feedback @YoHoJo @Usa @Montreal I believe @HeyImJamie deserves some points or a ban time
  13. what you editing them now too? lmfao #failednerd
  14. I got one for you too bud hold on and deleting your pms isn't gonna help pal
  15. every name under the sun? so childish and immature is every name under the sun? quit with your lies mate.
  16. @Flax get rid of this kid and his posts I'm done with his childish remarks Edit: @HeyImJamie Looks like you are the child and immature sob in this conversation so lets ignore everything you got to say and lets see what that does? shall we?
  17. Mad? getting mad? are we?
  18. thanks bud! can always count on you for support!
  19. is the achievements suppose to be for a real life goal? or a goal over the internet on a website? don't need your sarcasm and childish remarks. How bout YOU get a life/ a fkn job. loser #ignorepreference -Achievements- For game related achievements #get rekt @HeyImJamie
  20. is that in a joking manor? or in all seriousness?
  21. haha thanks man! glad to hear it coming from you!
  22. @McCune Atleast you respond to everyone lol
  23. then I would do what @Mark said.. buy gp with paypal etc.. then buy your credits that way with osrs gp
  24. lel
  25. no one bots on a decent account, I'm sure its an decent account that he has