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  1. nitoh

    Happy New Year boys

    Happy New year in advance too all of you. 5 hour 20 mins left
  2. If you have been keylogged or ratted the maleware can stay on your system silently for a while. Had this happening to me a few years ago, lost all my online accounts even paypal, mail accounts, online banking credentials, and so on... Ain't saying thats the case here but its just one of the many possibilities
  3. niiice very nice. Going to buy this now its on discount. Looking forward to that big update soon
  4. nitoh


    Go to the Script Repository ( Can be found on your left under navigation). Then in the Repository go to User panel>purchase VIP.
  5. So far this has been running flawless for me, making me loooots of gold. Here is my most recent proggie. Almost running suicicide with only 2 breaks of a few hours in between.
  6. Everything working smooth with osbuddy again thanks @TRiLeZ
  7. Looks like a valid scam report. Lets hope this gets solved asap and next time deal with more trusted members, i would never trust a member with his postcount with even 1 penny of my money. Good luck OP
  8. We are all having the same problem, check out the 4 or 5 threads that are made today with this issue.
  9. Oh you guyz even have a chart?? lmfao
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