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  1. hey if anyone knows a decent scripter that can build these high-quality scripts please let me know via skype. Will be willing to pay top prices for these. Thanks.
  2. SMT


    Looking for someone to create me a script please get @ me on tribot or add my skype: Mentarley.
  3. SMT


    Looking for someone to create me a script please get @ me on tribot or add my skype: Mentarley.
  4. SMT

    Need fletching [Private Script made]

    Yes please @Mute is a good scripter i've heard alot of good things
  5. Need a script made that makes yew long (u) then strings them when runs out of yew logs. also need it to fletch what ever is needed up untill lvl 70 (yew longs) Without a gui asking to put in and choose multiple options i want it to be able to reconise there are logs, oak logs, willow logs, maple logs in the bank, and make shorts, longs and string them with reconising what level fletching it is so it automatically make's the best xp item for it's level. Also once it's 85 I want it to make magic Long's and string them if there are magic logs and bow strings in the bank. I want this script to have no GUI so once i pick it in the tribot script selecter interface and hit start no GUI or options pop up.
  6. this script has never worked for me, could somone type the line they use when it works so i can try it and see if it works?
  7. SMT

    want a pm script

    REQUESTING PREMIUM SCRIPTER PLEASE: we'll I can assure you this is not the case. infact our clan Dragon Dyce has a sticky in the gambleing section and has advertised with tribot. you can find my vouches here: http://www.dragondyce.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/230-ments-vouche-threads-swaps-buy-sell/ our thread on tribot:
  8. SMT

    want a pm script

    Hi guy's welcome to my request thread, I've had many scripts made for me in the past, But looking to have another made: a script that add's people. sends a message and deletes them. without stopping. quite a small code need it made asap preferrable within 1-2hours. Please post price offer's below. I'm not offering first. Thanks for reading.
  9. SMT

    RS3 Huge Request

    Hey guy's so I've been looking around and scratching my head for some time now, I'm currently part of dragon dyce and host every day and make alot of money while doing so. We also we're the first dicing gambling clan to advertise on tribot since it's release in 2012, We currently only host on OSRS however are looking at branching onto eoc. however I would very much like to do this by starting with advertising in eoc. I've looked into multiple rs3 client's known, such as Simba RiD Runemate Powerbot & Epicbot if you suggest using this client to advertise you're wrong in-fact I havn't found any client's offering to do advertising so this bring's to my attention that maybe it's not a thing that is done easy, but that's never going to be a challenge for us we're dragon dyce, and we will find a way like we alway's have any question's/or offer's please post below.
  10. SMT


    Looking for somone that can spamm cc's for us, or build a script that does it.
  11. BUMP: Still looking for somone to make this.
  12. Bump still looking for somone to make this price 30M has to have a gui that you can load list (of player mods) before you start it each time.
  13. There was a script that 54 dicers had. and All their advertisers at w302 g,e would stop advertising every time a player moderator came in to contact with them. I really need it and would be willing to pay alot. If anyone has any other sugguestion's as to how this would or could have been done,. please post below. Thanks
  14. There is a way to do it because it's been done, I just don't know how it was done, any speculations?
  15. Yes I know. But that doesn't mean this isn't a good idea, if a player mod mutes you, you normally have to wait a hour, or sometimes 1, 2 days. Which is fucking annoying