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  1. I could do Runespan. I'm fresh off a big break and i'm not on par here. Do more people play 2007? If it's more useful to script for 2007 then i will.
  2. Hey fellas, I'm open to ideas. Shoot ideas at me and hopefully i can complete most of them. I have time on my hands and i'm up for challenges. Thanks!
  3. I'll look into it. I'm looking for a project!
  4. What do you have in mind?
  5. Not talking a "break". However, when i'm trying to alch legit... I can go smoothly for a few minutes but then ill google something or send a text on my phone. I'm not constantly glued to my screen alching. Understand?
  6. I'm making an alching script for personal use but i'll probably release it to you all as well. I want to make it as efficient as possible but also staying on the safe side and steering clear of any bans. In your opinion, what would be the best way to go about alching and seem human? There are many methods. Please just vote in on one of the above or comment below on any other suggestions. Thanks.
  7. Hi, can you please check here https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10168-my-tribot-vip-account-has-been-stolen/ my VIP account has been stolen. Thanks in advance

  8. Tyga mixtape > life
  9. is so fat
  10. I understand. TRiLeZ is slowly working on the walking system. Until then, I will be helping TRiLeZ with the API hopefully, adding some methods for a more simple scripting structure and to save time on methods.
  11. The green mile is great. I actually cried ;( Avatar is good. I've never seen A Haunting in Connecticut. How scary is it? I would have to say it's the scariest movie I've seen. You should watch it. Isn't it based on a true story?
  12. Hey guys, I've talked with TRiLeZ and we both agree that TRiBot needs a bigger user base. This can only be accomplished with the help of you! There are multiple ways you can help! See below.. Scripters For our scripters, you have a key role. We need you to code until you get arthritis in both wrists. We need you to make scripts for everything. Simple scripts come first, then you can move on to more complex scripts. Our leading competitor, Powerbot has the largest user base of any other bot. It is because they have many scripts, free and paid. If we produce a lot of scripts, our users will come and then you can get to selling to make some profit! As for now, try not to duplicate scripts to create competition, this can be done after we have a wide variety of scripts. Members Normal members also have a very important role. If you can't program, but you would still like to contribute, you can always advertise. I'm not telling you to go get banned from some website, but you can always make a signature with the tribot logo. You can go on runescape fan sites and talk about TRiBot, or you can go to runescape black markets and speak of the site, or add a signature. This method attracts many users and the new users will stay if we have a wide variety of scripts to choose from and a warm welcoming community. It is a possibility that i can speak with TRiLeZ and hook you guys up with an Advertiser rank based on you're referrals. I will post the TRiBot logo for you below. Aside from TRiBot having a great community, we have a great bot that has the potential to over come Powerbot. We have several things to offer that they don't. We have NO downtime on our bot which is the biggest and will be what TRiBot is known for. We have a warm and welcoming community. We have great looking forums and great developers. These are the prime components to a successful bot. So, help us out by getting us more members and getting TRiBot out to the world!
  13. The green mile is great. I actually cried ;( Avatar is good. I've never seen A Haunting in Connecticut. How scary is it?
  14. Great work! I will try to complete some as well