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  1. You need 100 post's to transfer credits.
  2. osbuddy if computer is decent.
  3. @Mark Used looking glass on both accounts - breaks were on the first account and that was banned due to it.
  4. Never break. Always seem to get banned more while using breaks. 1st attempt at max account with breaks banned @90/91/88 2nd Attempt at max account with no breaks @99/99/99/99
  5. Today accounts cleaned Really good run for 4 Accounts - 5 Accounts starting later today.
  6. If i achieve my Target will release method publicly. Update +1 Account Should hit 40M+ (Y)
  7. It's actually not NMZ Was doing NMZ couple of days ago but was hitting like 80k/hr - to many hosts.
  8. Last night when cleaned accounts was but starting fresh on this thread to 250M
  9. Upgrading to 5-6 Accounts if VPS can run it. Hopefully 40M + a day then
  10. Thanks bro. Going to smash it