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  1. Smh... i hope it wasnt a free script
  2. Selling 07gp @ $1.29/M & Buying 07gp @ $1.17!

  3. Can i buy credits?

  4. Selling TriBot Credits @ 700k/1cr 07gp! Also Selling 07gp @ $1.35.-$1.40/M & Buying 07gp @ $1.10-$1.20!

  5. @zigzagservices All good, i understand it
  6. @zigzagservices Ah ok.
  7. @zigzagservices I dont understand what you mean?
  8. @Pelham Get on skype! Have some stock!
  9. @spanishguy @TRiLeZ please add the limit
  10. You don't even know the story lol.. Anyways OP bad luck, or youre just a terrible scammer :l
  11. I mean it's like $8 lol..... Buy it.
  12. I sent him many PM's & an email containing all the proper information to get a credit limit increase to 125 a month.. I have people lined up to buy, but for some reason I'm not getting the increase..