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  1. @Aropupu can i check with you is hovering or did i do some wrong settings? With the current setting, although i put it right click hovering over often it is not happening. For your advice.
  2. @Usa sorry to ask, can I check is there any ETA to the bug report? can we fix the world hop first meanwhile as pker is camping at the few world we can hop currently
  3. @kelthstone how much to get desert treasure and all the pre quest done?
  4. anyone have spare account to lend @Usa for debug please pm him directly as i have big timezone difference and i am working irregular hour, hard to coordinate a time to have my account free up. Your help is much appreciated !
  5. @Usa script buggy after update. dropped u a pm
  6. Yes, on depositing item in edgevillage bank when bag is full after killing lava dragons. I will try to get a video on the world hopping and PM to you if possible.
  7. @Usa there seems to be another bug with the world hopping.. it keep choosing different world like 6-9 time before it logging on and continue the script
  8. @Usa the banking seems to be slightly broken, although it is still able to bank. The bot click on every inventory slot and try to bank even if there is no item on that slot. Although its not a big problem but it still trigger a bot flag? for your advice. Thank you !
  9. hey guys! The image isnt working in the botting panel! Can you guys help me ??
  10. nice tribot update
  11. @Aropupu i used only 2 all the times after you patched the script. The sack is not full when it happens normally it has only 1 deposit of 28 in it,and im holding another 28 pay dirt in inventory. EDIT: The problem occur when i deposit 1 inventory into hopper and no one repair the water wheel, my pay dirt is stuck at the hopper area, after i mine another 28 inventory it cannot deposit into hopper it will trigger the log out.
  12. @Aropupu Problem still exist, trigger after 1hour++ of mining. [13:52:18] Deposit failsafe activated! Logging out! [13:52:18] The script was unable to deposit the pay-dirt. Is the sack full?
  13. is your account fresh account?
  14. For the motherlode mine i enabled the ore listener and deposit after 2/3 inventories. But i keep getting this error message Deposit failsafe activated! Logging out!The script was unable to deposit the pay-dirt. Is the sack full?