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  1. @J J also just to check for example if i m holding whip + defender , i put the spec weapon to be SGS would it switch back to whip + defender or just whip after spec? Thinking to buy sgs buy need to confirm this.
  2. @J J Another thing to look into is might be, wait for loot to appear might be kinda not working.
  3. @J J i think you can ignore my previous post about the high alch. i found a workaround where we can actually set the minimum value before the warning pops up. So all good now. On the other hand, i got another suggestion. For now to high alch, i think the script detects nature rune and fire rune in inventory before it proceed to high alch. Would you be able to to let it support rune pouch also? It helps to save a slot. (i understand there is alot other to fix so maybe this can be last priority)
  4. @J J can u add a feature where it will wait till out of combat before high alching valuble equipment , if not it keep spam alch at valuble equipment but unable to alch cause too slow
  5. @J J Noted shall wait for the next update on the other 2 issue Thank you!
  6. @J J Thanks for your prompt follow up! • Also can you look into the looting? For example, it kill the monster it will move on to the next while waiting for the animation to end and loot appear before picking up the item. However, if it have other action like eat food or drink potion while waiting it will not pick up the item (this only happens when u activate pick up you own loot only) • Can i also request u add in loot radius? because when i put my fighting radius to be, for example 5 the looting radius is much much bigger making it to run around the map picking item when i deactivate pick up your own loot only.
  7. @OmniMind so for example, if it drops coconut unnoted i use your ge method and get the item id from the url. If it is noted, i just have to purchase one and use the debug mode? does the ID remain the same regardless of amount?
  8. Hi all, Is there a item id list i can refer to? i know the method to use debug to view the item ID. However, there are multiple item ID of the same item for example coin: ID Name 617 Coins 995 Coins 8890 Coins or for item 5974 Coconut 5975 Coconut 5976 Coconut 5977 Coconut How to see which code to use or which stands for noted item and non noted item or does it stand for the amount? Also i dont have all the item to use debug and see the item ID so is there a item list? Much appreciated for any help!
  9. @J J Please find when picking over item when value over a certain amount settings, it doesnt pick ensouled item and also noted items..
  10. @J J I am currently using loot item >1000gp but it doesnt loot ensouled heads any idea why?
  11. Anyone have been refreshing like me for past few day?
  12. quote for fire cape? Range: 78 HP: 77 Pray: 44 Defence: 70
  13. @Aropupu Can i check will shilo village underground gem mine be added? With the safety deposit box
  14. @Aropupu can i check with you is hovering or did i do some wrong settings? With the current setting, although i put it right click hovering over often it is not happening. For your advice.