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    Time is Money. Runescape too.

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  1. Congratz on that man. Sad to hear about the farm though.
  2. Great! Would love to see this awesome script get a little love from you again.
  3. Do you mean to update or not to update the script? Your answer is unclear. For the time being this script is a discrase. The first view was really promising but nothing is working no more. You cant run a single quest without getting stuck somewhere or having to babysit from A to Z. This is definietly not worth 15$ but rather be free with all its bugs. I am waiting since weeks for the promised updates and nothing is happening while we, the users, loose our accounts constantly.
  4. It could be one factor for the high ban rates within this script though. At least one of four accounts is getting banned with only botting the waterfall quest and nothing else. A fix to the new death dropping circumstances within the game might reduce those bans. It is just nonsense to get 7 pebbles with dropping if only one is needed. Furthermore the script does not take the key out of bank again if it dies while raiding tombs. Additionally you should individualize the script a little for putting the runes on the stones in the last room, right before claiming the treasure. Every single bot runs the same way like a ticking clock which is very obvious. It should at least start with putting the runes on the right or left stone first and then go its way around. This script could definitely need some updates.
  5. Be careful with the ban rates. You probably will go better with soloing it. Is it a long road to go?
  6. I did abyss crafting via glory. I tried if the ban rate for cosmics would be less then for nats but can´t approve it. For me it did not work but it might for somebody else. I will keep my eye on RCing anyways but will step away to waste any more accounts and time before a major update within my RC script comes.
  7. I gave it a try an got a ban within a few hours of making cosmics. Other the LG I used every anti ban method I know and furthermore had an account with well trained stats for anti ban. Not just a raw RC suicider. For me RC seems unbottable right now even though the possible profit gets me every weeks or so.
  8. I am here since Nov 2012 too. Crazy how time is passing. Still remembering how my mac decided to not allow me to run Tribot back then. Good old times haha.
  9. I recognized it while RCing, that if you die, you dont lose your pouches and agility cape no more. Then I did the waterfall quest manually and had a bad run dying at the moss giants multiple times. I did not lose the pebble neither. I have no official site confirm sadly but here is a thread of RS wiki. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Items_Kept_on_Death Quote: "Due to recent distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on Old School RuneScape servers, players will have one hour to retrieve any tradeable item on death. In addition, untradable items will return to a player's inventory on death. This does not apply to dangerous PvP situations." Hope this will help.
  10. Why does the script if the error message occurs, that there are too many log ins, delete all account details and type them in all again. I don´t think this is necessary. Might be the case that Jagex is not watching the log in screen but if they do this is kind of obvious.
  11. Should not be that hard to fix though. Hopefully Erickho can do something for us
  12. I suggest that within the waterfall quest the bot should no longer get 7 pebbles, as due to a Runescape update we no longer lose our non tradeables if we die. Therefore that feature is no longer needed. It will improve the anti ban also I think.
  13. There are issues with the break handler. Somehow if the buying interface is opened the bot will not break correctly. It will not log out but rather stand there with opened buying tab for the amount of the breaking time. I dont know if breaking is generally broken within this scirpt but I recognized this error a few times.
  14. So you want us to buy 1m 07 GP for 2$?