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  1. Awwwww caught a perm ban at. GF me.
  2. I am looking forward to that - have a great journey! :-)
  3. Thanks for fast response! Edit: Do you still consider putting in a breaking system? Breaking after a random number of loops would be cool. It could be between 1and 15 or something like that.
  4. How does the "Hours to stop at" option within the GUI work? Will it only stop at full hours or will it randomize because i cant type in minutes.
  5. Put it Dax´s Webwalker and let it run around the varrock area randomly
  6. This is not the right thread for discussion of fishing ;-) But if you use encodeds fisher, take breaks, bot not more then 4-6h a day you should be fine. LG of course would be a great feature but comes with an extra price.
  7. Yess - back to the grind :-)
  8. Randomly hopping world from time to time could be a solution. I guess in every minigame in every world their builds a small talkative community. We might get around their attention when not staying to long in one world before hopping to another one.
  9. Same here. Seems to happen to me after every game update. I just restart and am good to go after.
  10. Im wondering too. Been looking in this thread for a while no but no response from the scripter this far. I have huge supplies of ores on my iron man waiting to be smithed haha
  11. YES! With turn on and off would be great for the future ;-)
  12. Adding in your own break handler would be beast! Definitely huge supporter of this feature!!
  14. It is definitely the script bro. We all lost ton of accounts due to this. RC is highly bannable. In other words. Using this script will get you banned.
  15. I am so stoked for this! Cant wait to test this out!
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