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  1. its memory leak because the tab end using the double amount of designate memory heap space example i set 3500 mb for tab of 12 bot it end using 7000 mb.
  2. jre 1.8.92. i will install oracle jdk and see how it goes. also i only get memeory leak after 30 bots or so.
  3. What operating system? cent os 6.5Using progressive mode? yes with augmented if not it crash the whole tab.What version of Java? 1.8.92What is your heap space set at?3500 to 4000 mb per tab 12 botsHow much RAM do you have? 32Using looking glass? noIf using looking glass, what is it attaching to? (firefox, osbuddy, etc) no every day that goes by without able to use the script im losing huge amount of gold (talking bout 100m+ daily).
  4. when you add progressive mode i will buy it permanently.
  5. i bought 3 scripts from him and planning to buy more. great scripter!!!.
  6. Please update the script the accoutn getting ban as soon they finish the tutorial island. thank you!!!
  7. when it dies it jsut stand still at lumbridge
  8. in client debug when i the bot start ''unfortunately we had die let fix it '' and withdrawn everything and stand there doing nothing at edgeville bank.
  9. kokon

    [FREE] Taking simple script requests!

    wilderness looter please!!!