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  1. Will pay osrs gold or paypal. Basically need script to create accs via rs3 join a clanchat and have a gui were I can input a message for it to spam in a clanchat once kicked remakes a acc and starts again. Will pay good money. Add my skype "Michael.jackson4088.
  2. so who wants to be my buddy and make me this script i make you very rich man! lol
  3. well i can do that to and by cash meant tribot credits.
  4. we need something that runs off rs3 but it needs to create acc from rs3 and sit in lobby and it will join the competitor’s cc (entered from guy) and start spamming and when it is kicked it auto creates a new account. If can set it up to make it so we can type what to spam be helpful. If can do this contact my skype-michael.jackson4088 or i will check back for replies
  5. Can someone make me a spam bot that will literally type the same thing 10 times in under a second?
  6. will pay osrs cash or paypal need auto typer script made up with a section to input mod names and messages would like 1-2 messages in it pm me via skype= michael.jackson4088