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  1. Have pretty much no complaints on this script. Got me 99 mage on one account and 85 on another with no bans whatsoever. Huge fan. Using to create all kinds of pures, it's a steal for $10 a month. Does it support bandits? As in doing the unnoting of supplies? I'd like to try to make a few different types of accounts in the future and sand crabs won't really cut it after the first week or two.
  2. Have you been able to re-produce that, or do you need anything from me? I want to help if I can! Script has been rockin' after I figured out I can't put the alchable directly in the spot where the stun spell is. I let it run last weekend at sand crabs for some melee xp, and it was sketching me out so I stopped using it for that, but I probably didn't get the GUI as well as I should have. So far very happy with this purchase. edit: Also, 2 questions: -that multicombat fighting selector.. does that need to be on if I'm in multi, or what does that toggle? Because at sand crabs it would start fighting other peoples crabs and that is not a report I'm trying to catch. Also should I be selecting just crabs or rocks, or should it be both? -for the hop when # people in area, is that just within my selected combat area, or is it within a specific range of tiles?
  3. will try minimizing. I turned the mouse speed up and zoomed in a bit, number went up to about 150k. Only other issue is after breaks the paint doesn't unpause for me. but that isn't effecting the script so that's fine by me lol Thank you for the tips
  4. Mine kept sitting on the stun for a while. I switched the position of the alchable in my inventory and it now seems to be working fine. Will report back if I have any issues. Apparently it doesn't like the item to be at the stun spot. Not sure how you're getting that xp rate though I've been maxing out at like 120-130k.
  5. As of this morning stun/alching is going extremely slow. Am also using a cannon. was 120k xp/hr last night now getting about 33.5k per hour. Cursor just hovers on stun for a long time. Doing the same without cannon.
  6. Just bought for the 2nd or 3rd time. Have recieved one ban in the past but that's bound to happen botting anyway. Is there a way to make it not deposit the 1-3 dose absorbs/overloads after the games into the bank? It's definitely not human-like. Could either store them in the barrels and then re-withdraw the full amounts needed or just pull however many more doses are nessecary to re-up you to however many you need. Ending up with a bunch of 1-3 dose absorbs/overloads in the bank definitely has to be a red flag
  7. Dude, I'm sorry, but what do I have to do for a refund? I can't leave this script alone for 2 minutes or it starts just fucking up. The point of botting was kind of that I want to, ya know, live my life while it does its thing. Just went to take a shower, what was it doing 15 minutes later when I got back? Just loop depositing/withdrawing pure essence in the bank. I tried to run it last night, the paint on it crashed the whole client like 6 times.
  8. Could you tell me why half the time when I start the script it looks fine for the first hour when I'm babysitting but as soon as I leave for a half hour and come back, I'm stuck upstairs in wizards tower? (was fighting ghouls)
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