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  1. Yeah true i was trading gold around a little bit, guess my own stupidity caught me this time lol. I was using the same IP as i use my actual main on also (another stupid thing to do) . I botting 2 side accounts, on a private VPN, no gold traded over on them and one of them, was banned while Barb fishing on the same world as the other, and amazingly the other account wasn't banned lol, i was using looking glass on the account that wasn't banned. I had some difficulty setting up LG while botting the account im talking about in the OP, so i think looking glass really works wonders.
  2. Buy some bonds for your accounts and profit 500k from just one bot per time, those climbing boots and dragon arrows ext really add up, you just need to transfer the money fast enough and you'l be rolling in millions per hour with your 10 suicide accounts.
  3. Yeah i'm not mad or anything lol. Just wish i got a 2 day ban so i could play completely legit on the account lol. Probably them damn marks of grace that got me perm banned, i didn't even care about gold on that account lol, i just used the money from the crystals to buy raw lobsters. in my opinion threads that explain how the ban happend and stuff is useful as a whole, as it provides infomation that you can use to avoid getting banned yourself.
  4. Oh damn, i guess the mod that banned me was just in a bad mood at the time lol. It kinda sucks though, because i did some skiller quests and whatnot and was going to make it an secondary account for myself.
  5. Nope just one account, one IP address. I'm too lazy to get more bitcoins to buy perm VIP-E. lol
  6. I have a personal account, i've used no scripts that gain gold. So not gold-farming. I was just botting with the premium script cooking script with looking glass. 70, fishing, 75, agility, so not a fresh account by any means, So why have i been perm banned, it seems a little unfair? I know tribot forums, isn't jagex support lol. But do you think that jagex no longer bans for 2 days, and it's always permanent? now Where did i go wrong? It's pretty depressing I did sell my marks of grace to buy raw lobsters, maybe i shouldn't of done that? And just kept the marks of grace for a little while.
  7. Thanks for the annoncement, i assumed as much. I ran a little experiement myself in the past, 2 accounts botting fishing, in barb village. both same levels, leveled together at the exact same time. I used Looking glass on one, and just the normal client on the other. And the account i wasn't using LG with got banned. The other is untouched, non-member too. Both at the exact same time, in the same world.
  8. I got around 20 hours in before i got banned, i was semi bot-sitting though. With a few other bots running. A lot of the time i was away from the keyboard though. Just sending a few messages now and then, like lol. and telling people to stop attacking me. Made around 10m , so i would of profited if i transfered . I may try again when i get a proxy working.
  9. Fast and easy trade with BGPsales, I bought 1m 07 gold with BTC, instant reply on skype, and gold in my inventory in under 5minutes. I would highly recommend trading with BGPsales
  10. Aww it seems that the dev was last active in september, i really think the potential of this script is massive. Please come back benjamin94! lol
  11. This script is amazing, it really is one of the best money making scripts for suicide accounts. I made around 8m before i was banned, which would of equalled profit and covered the cost of a Oldschool bond, if i muled over the cash, but unfortunately i did not. Making around 500k per hour from a free script with no requirements is insane and the developer of the script benjamin94 deserves way more credit. I really believe if he continued to update this script, it could possibly be a paid premium script, just needs some antiban features (just a tip, remove capes, hats and all that skiller junk from your pickup list, will make selling everything for GP much easier)
  12. ​ Here's a another progress report, the antiban here is flawless it reminds me of the powerbot days of not even worrying about getting banned. I actually was suicide botting on a fresh account at the same time, that account got banned. and amazingly this script is still running flawless, and my account remains unchanged. And I've amassed a little bit of a collection, although I think I'm going to have to spend them , because I'm beginning to run low on GP.
  13. No longer seems to work unfortuately, it seems to have trouble banking. it walks half way to the bank with a full inventory then walks back to the fields with the full inventory. If you could fix this script, i would love to use it and post some progress reports
  14. Cool i'l keep you updated, this one is from earlier. I was messing around with the settings on tribot and somehow the progress box changed to just text on my inventory. But it's still the same script V2. I'm actually up to 80 now, but unfortunately because i was away from the computer at the time,i missed the chance to take a screenshot
  15. Yeah after some consideration i believe i may be in the wrong and acted way too abrasively, and i sincerely apologize. In retrospect, i should really of done my research before jumping in head first. I'm just pissed off i lost my gold, but it's not exactly Tacos fault. It's my fault. Everything in moderation. I should of implemented some fail-safes for myself, such as not running the script for too long at a time. I will delete all of my previous posts, as i do not want to negatively impact your sales. And all i can do is apologize for my rash decision to blame you personally for the Ban-waves.
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