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  1. Hey. Thanks for an answer! I don't mind walking it into nmz, im just wondering will it drink pray pots on random intervals? It's kind of sketch for it to always drink at a certain amount. Like say if I'm 70 prayer, can i make it drink randomly for whenever i'm at some prayer points of 20-50?
  2. Hey Tri, I'm almost tempted to buy this script since it seems really nice. I've been testing the stun alch and it seems great. One concern tho: I don't really wanna pay $15 to stun alch to 99 mage only (since im already 94), and im kinda wondering.. If I were to use this script for NMZ... I can babysit it quite a bit, but would it be possible for the script to drink a p pot dose at a random interval? Say like randomly from 20-50 pray points or so? Since most of the time i've done NMZ i've been afking and i would never drink it at exactly a certain amount always? Please lemme know!
  3. s0uthx

    zAlcher by Zainy

    Lol idk how yours messed up, atm mines at 3hrs with 3300..
  4. Woo thanks for the speedy update Trilez!
  5. Yikes. The inevitable fear that was shared by some is coming true! Anyways, thank you for the great work and amazing find Tri. Been using LG and so far im fine, hopefully they won't even get to the point where LG could possibly become detected.
  6. I am also having the same issue although I do not know how this script was a few days ago. I've just recently tried to start using this script but it just starts to download the script, start the script and immediately ends before anything even prompts up to select npc or what not. on a side note: Is it possible this doesn't run well with LG? Maybe that may the reason it's not working for me :/